Understanding Shelter Plus Care

This guide highlights key aspects of the S+C program. It was designed to provide HUD field office personnel, potential S+C program operators, and S+C grantees with basic information. It has been divided into the following sections:

Components - Describes each of the four S+C components: Tenant-based Rental Assistance (TRA), Sponsor-based Rental Assistance (SRA), Project-Based Rental Assistance (PRA), and SRO-based Rental Assistance (SRO).

Eligible Applicants - Specifies eligible applicants and the subcontract requirements that must be met.

Eligible Activities - Defines eligible activities as well as purposes for which funds can be utilized.

Term of Grant - Provides the term of grants under each component.

Eligible Participants - Describes specific requirements to be considered as an eligible participant.

Supportive Services Match - Explains the match and provides criteria that meet the requirement.

Eligible Structures - Details standards that all structures must meet as well as any additional requirements under each component.

Relocation and Property Acquisition - Provides guidance on acquiring property and the relocation assistance requirement.

Resident Occupancy Policies - Highlights the flexibility of the program in reference to occupancy agreements, service commitment, inpatient care, vacancy payments, and termination policies.

Calculating the Grant Amount - Explains how to calculate the amount of funds to request once applicants have developed their program plan and identified structures to be used in the program.

Determining the S+C Subsidy - Specifies how the actual subsidy provided for a specific unit is determined and defines contract rent and tenant rent.