Shelter Plus Care Policy Guide: Eligible Activity

Rental assistance is the only eligible activity under the S+C Program. These funds provide the operating costs of the shelter excluding the cost of services. The applicant must provide supportive services in an amount at least equal to the rental assistance provided during the term of the grant.

In addition to rent and utilities, "rental assistance" includes up to one month's rent each for a security deposit and damage payment, and costs (up to 8 percent of the grant) of administering the housing assistance.

Administration of the housing assistance includes processing rental payments to landlords, examining participant income, inspecting units for compliance with housing quality standards, and receiving participants into the program. The costs must be paid out of the original grant amount. No additional funds will be provided to administer the housing assistance.

S+C grant funds may not be used for the costs of administering the grant itself, e.g., the costs of preparing reports to HUD or conducting audits of the grant.

Applicants may apply for assistance under any or all of the four components.