Shelter Plus Care Resource Manual

This resource manual is primarily designed to assist grantees, non-profit sponsors, and supportive service providers to administer the S+C program effectively.

This manual presents the statutory requirements, Federal regulations, and other HUD policy guidance that local program operators must know to meet the requirements of their S+C grants and the needs of program participants.

Section 1: Program Overview includes the program's overall goals, the S+C components, and the roles of grantees, sponsors, and HUD in local program implementation.

Section 2: Eligible Activities and Participants describes the eligible activities that can be funded with S+C grants and eligible participants who may be served in the program.

Section 3: Leasing Requirements reviews leasing requirements, including evaluating unit rents, determining participant incomes and rent contributions, and developing occupancy agreements for S+C participants.

Section 4: Supportive Services Match discusses what this requirement is and how it should be documented.

Section 5: Financial Management presents an overview of financial management requirements for S+C grants, including a brief description of HUD's LOCCS system for grant drawdowns.

Section 6: Record Keeping and Reporting reviews Federal record-keeping requirements that govern S+C grants as well as HUD's reporting requirements.

Section 7: Renewals and Extensions explains the processes for extending or renewing an S+C grant.

Section 8: General Grant Administration describes S+C grant administration requirements and highlights other Federal regulations with which S+C grantees must comply.

Appendices include key resource documents, such as the Federal Regulations governing S+C, the Annual Progress Report, and CPD notices. It also includes sample forms that may be useful to local program operators.