Section 7.2: Extensions

Extensions allow grantees with unspent funds at the end of a grant period to continue operating for an additional five years, or until grant funds are spent2.

Your HUD Field Office has standard amendment formats for extending your grant. Grants comprising several components or more than one sponsor will use one format while those with only one component or a single sponsor will use the other.

Extensions are generally granted, but are not automatic. Since approval is subject to satisfactory performance under the grant, you should work with the local HUD office to document the reasons, including those that may be beyond your control, for the expenditure delay and to justify the continuing need for the project.

2Statutory language requires a five-year extension period for any SRA, TRA, or PRA without rehab grant, even though most grantees will not need five years to exhaust unspent funds. Renewal funding can be requested when needed without waiting for the end of the five-year extension. Back