Section 6.2: Completing the Annual Progress Report (APR)

Purpose of the APR

HUD uses the APR to review the progress of your S+C project annually. Performance of your project is tracked using the following three outcomes:

  • Increased residential stability;
  • Increased skill level and/or income; and
  • Greater self-sufficiency.

Grantees can also use the APR as a tool for evaluating performance and setting future program goals.

Reporting Requirements

Grantees must submit an Annual Progress Report (APR) for Competitive Homeless Assistance Programs (HUD Form 40118) within 90 days of the end of each operating year. The report should be submitted to the CPD Division Director for the local HUD office responsible for managing the grant.

Note that the APR is used for reporting not only on S+C grants, but also on HUD's other competitive homeless programs – the Supportive Housing Program and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation for SROs. Some sections of the report do not apply to S+C grants. Grantees should read the APR instructions carefully to make sure they complete the report appropriately for S+C grants.

It is important to complete the report accurately and submit it on time. The reports are a valuable source of information that HUD Headquarters uses to respond to inquiries about the program from Congress and others, including justifications for program funding requests during the annual appropriations process.

Tips for Completing the APR

The APR documents project enrollments and departures, participants' demographic characteristics, and outcomes including participants' length of stay in housing, changes in skills and income, and changes in levels of self-sufficiency.

As discussed in Section 4, grantees must also document the S+C match by reporting the value of supportive services received by S+C participants during the year. You are advised to develop a standard form for supportive service providers to use to report services received by S+C participants. This information must be collected and summarized at least annually for inclusion in the APR.

Collecting and compiling the information for the APR requires close cooperation between the grantee and local project sponsors. Grantees will need to develop and implement systems and procedures for collecting this information before the S+C grant program begins operating!

The APR form includes a worksheet for collecting information on participant characteristics. Until a form-fillable version is made available to you on the Web, it will be very useful for you to create an electronic version of this worksheet, and as many other parts of the APR as possible, to more efficiently collect and tabulate the information.


The APR can be found by going to HUDclips. Then click on "FORMS". The form number is HUD-40118. A copy may also be found in Appendix G of this manual.

Grantees whose project operating start date begins on or after June 1, 2022 must use the new version of the APR.