Section 4: Supportive Services Match

This section covers some essential aspects of financial management for S+C grantees. It presents a brief explanation of how grantees must use the Line of Credit Control System (LOCCS) to draw down S+C grant funds. Also in this section is an overview of the audit requirements for S+C grantees.

This section addresses the role of supportive services within the S+C program, including service provision requirements, the types of services likely to be appropriate to the target S+C participants, and how to best coordinate with service providers. It also discusses the supportive service match requirement and how to document the match appropriately. Full details on the S+C regulations governing supportive services and match requirements can be found in 24 CFR 582.110.

As the name of the program indicates, a key goal of the Shelter Plus Care program is to connect housing and services. Appropriate supportive services are essential to helping individuals and families remain in a stable housing environment. In order to ensure that grantees provide needed services, the law requires grantees to match rental assistance with an equal amount of supportive services from other sources.

4.1 Service Provision Requirements

4.2 Providing Appropriate Services

4.3 Providing Services To Dispersed Clients

4.4 Managing Partnerships With Service Providers

4.5 Documenting The Match

4.6 Test Your Knowledge Of Supportive Services Match