Section 4.5: Documenting the Match

Documentation Responsibilities

Given the importance of the match requirement, it is especially critical that service providers understand their responsibilities in tracking and documenting services offered to S+C participants. Grantees and their partners need to develop procedures and reporting formats to collect and compile this information.

Because the service needs of S+C participants are high, it is likely that the value of supportive services provided to them far exceeds the value of the S+C rental assistance. However, in order to get credit for having met the statutory match requirement, these supportive services must be adequately documented. This section provides guidance and suggestions for documenting the match.

What Counts as Match?

The following items count toward the supportive service match requirement:

  • Salaries paid to grantee staff to provide supportive services to participants;
  • The value of supportive services provided to participants by other organizations or by professionals volunteering their professional services;
  • Supportive services provided by other volunteers (at the rate of $10 per hour);
  • The prorated value of any lease on a building used for supportive services to program participants; and
  • The cost of outreach activities after the grant agreement has been signed.

Requirements for Calculating Match

As a S+C grantee, you must match the total value of S+C rental assistance provided through the grant with an equal value of supportive services. Grant funds spent on eligible administrative costs are not subject to the match requirement.

The match is an overall grant wide requirement, not year-by-year, component-by-component or participant-by-participant. Since HUD assumes that the provision of supportive services will vary according to the needs of the participants, any given participant is not required to receive the same amount of services as rental assistance. As a result, the value of the services provided may be higher or lower than the value of rental assistance for any given year.

Keep in mind that the match must be reported annually in the Annual Progress Report (APR); therefore, the grantee should request information on supportive services from providers at regular intervals – at least yearly – and preferably more often. Good management practice would dictate that a standard reporting format be developed and made available to each service provider before they begin providing services.

A sample format and instructions will help support service providers to provide accurate documentation for the match:

  1. Pull the clinical records on all S+C clients.
  2. Check the client record against the activities listed on the Supportive Services match tracking form (see example in Appendix F.)
  3. Check YES if the service or referral for each service took place.
  4. In HOURS column, indicate how much time was spent on each service or referral.
  5. In RATE column, indicate hourly rate for staff providing service.
  6. In MATCH $ column, calculate the dollar amount of service or referral provided.
  7. Sign and date the verification at the bottom of the page. This form remains part of the Federal records.
  8. Return completed form to grantee.

Instructions should accompany the reporting format that includes a listing of what qualifies as match under the program. However, it is the responsibility of the grantee to check that the match claimed is eligible and verify the match dollars claimed.

Determining the amount spent on matching services might look like this:

Example: The prorated salary paid to a case manager who works with eligible S+C participants may be counted as match. If the service provider, who earns $30,000 a year, spends 50% of her time providing eligible services to S+C participants, then half of her salary and benefits may be counted as match.
50% of case manager salary
(at $30,000 a year)
+ 50% of benefits paid by employer
(estimated at 30% of salary or $9,000 a year)
= $19,500 that may be counted as supportive service match under S+C