Section 1.5: Combining S+C with Other HUD programs

It is not uncommon for other HUD programs to be used in conjunction with S+C.

For example, funds from HUD's HOME program may be used to pay costs of developing units to be used in the SRA, PRA, and SRO components of the S+C program. S+C funds can then be used to pay the rental assistance for these units. Like S+C, HOME funds cannot be used for supportive services.

CDBG funds may also be used in conjunction with S+C for housing rehabilitation. Even if a local government grantee does not receive CDBG funds directly, the funds can be requested from the State for this purpose.

Supportive Housing Program (SHP) funds can be used to provide appropriate supportive services to S+C participants. Even though this is also a McKinney-Vento Act authorized program, SHP funds can count toward meeting the S+C supportive service match requirement, as explained in Section 4.


The HOME program helps to expand the supply of decent, affordable housing for low and very low- income families by providing grants to States and local governments called participating jurisdictions or "PJs". PJs use their HOME grants to fund housing programs that meet local needs and priorities.

A booklet entitled "Special Needs Housing and the HOME Program" has been developed to provide guidance on using HOME funds in various types of housing intended to serve persons with special needs. Please contact your local HUD Field Office for a copy.