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The SHP Desk Guide was designed to help homeless assistance program staff administering McKinney-Vento grants awarded through the Supportive Housing Program (SHP). The Supportive Housing Program is a Federal grant program authorized by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (the McKinney-Vento Act) (42 USC 11381-11389). The Supportive Housing Program is designed to promote the development of housing and supportive services to assist homeless persons in the transition from the streets and shelters to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

The Desk Guide provides information, key resources and technical assistance on the life cycle of grants obtained through the Supportive Housing Program. Grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, local and state governments, and other governmental entities. In the Desk Guide, you will find basic information for new grantees and specific guidance on complicated policy issues for all grantees. The Guide is not a substitute for program regulations, but instead is a practical resource for common issues that arise during program implementation.

This Guide is intended to be a “living” document. HUD may add or modify guidance as rules and regulations change or new issues arise. Several sections have been reserved throughout the Guide for this purpose. Note also that not all grants are governed by the same set of regulations. See Section T Definitions and Program Regulations for a discussion of applicability.

Grantees and project sponsors also should be aware that the McKinney-Vento Act and its implementing regulations are not the only sources of applicable requirements. Annual Appropriations Acts, Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) and the grant agreements themselves may also impose requirements. For example, beginning in 1999, Congressional appropriations imposed a match requirement on supportive service funds. This match requirement does not appear in the program regulations. However, it does apply to all grant funds appropriated in 1999 and thereafter. Details on the requirement can be found in the NOFA for that year. Throughout the Guide we will highlight issues that are affected by an Appropriations Act or NOFA requirement. The grant agreement should contain a reference to the NOFA that is applicable to your grant. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with it.

The Guide is divided into the sections shown in the table below.

Section Title Description
Key Terms Key Terms This section provides definitions of terms used throughout the Guide.
Section A Program Goals These sections describe the basic program goals, eligible participants, types of projects allowed, eligible spending categories and requirements for matching HUD funding.
Section B Eligible Participants
Section C Program Components and Project Types
Section D Eligible Activities
Section E Match Requirements
Section F Important Dates Sections F through M describe grant administration issues. They go into detail on important dates and the grant cycle, the Technical Submission, site control and environmental review requirements, and financial issues, including project financing, and calculating resident rent.
Section G Conditional Approval & Program Cycle
Section H Site Control & Environmental Review
Section I Grantee Responsibilities  
Section J Project Financing  
Section K Calculating Resident Rents  
Section L Reserved  
Section M Financial Management  
Section N Annual Progress Reports Section N describes the APR and reporting requirements.
Section O Fair Housing and Civil Rights Laws Section O describes Fair Housing and Civil Rights Laws applicable to SHP.
Section P Technical Assistance Section P lists technical assistance resources.
Section Q Project Renewals These sections provide guidance on issues related to renewal grants, grant amendments and extensions.
Section R Grant Amendments
Section S Grant Extensions
Section T Definitions & Program Regulations Section T provides links to the program regulations and defines key SHP grant administration terms.
Section U Spending & Recaptures Section U describes deobligation of grant funds.

You will find “Tips & Tools” boxes in most sections where you can quickly access key resources or common forms referred to in the section. Links to the McKinney-Vento Act, program regulations or other helpful documents are also incorporated into the text. Most sections also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” page where special issues are addressed. While many policy questions are answered in the Guide, you still may need to contact your local field office for issues specific to your program.

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How to Use the SHP Desk Guide

Throughout the Guide, key terms are shown in blue and underlined. Everything shown in blue and underlined is a link to additional information or guidance. For example, each time you see Section 423(a), the link will take you to Section 423 of the McKinney-Vento Act. If you’re using the Guide online, use the Table of Contents on the left hand side to jump directly to a particular section or to get back to the beginning of the document.

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