This guidance was prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPs) with assistance from Abt Associates Inc. The primary authors of this guidance are Susana Limon, Lora Routt and Lynn Morgan of HUD. Michelle Abbenante, Brooke Spellman, Caryn Nagler and Lauren Dunton of Abt Associates conducted focus groups, gathered background research and provided support to HUD in compiling the final document. Mary Joel Holin of Abt served as the Technical Reviewer and Jeff Smith provided production support.

The authors acknowledge the thoughtful guidance and assistance provided by HUD staff at the following field offices: San Francisco, Ft. Worth, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, and Kansas City. We thank them for generously sharing their time, experiences and expertise on the Supportive Housing Program. Mark Johnston and the staff of the SNAPs office also provided careful and constructive review of many technical and policy issues that came up during the revision process. This Desk Guide would not have been possible without their continued efforts to provide clear and concise guidance to grantees.

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