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Resources by Topic: Accessing Mainstream Housing

Subtopics in this category include Accessing Subsidized Housing Programs and Housing Search and Placement.

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Accessing Subsidized Housing Programs Definition
Housing Search and Placement Definition

Accessing Subsidized Housing Programs
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
Non-Governmental Organization icon HAC Information Sheets   Brief program summaries, including links when appropriate, for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, the Federal Home Loan Bank System's Affordable Housing Program, the Community.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon Community Spotlight: Rapid Re-Housing Shelter to Independent Living Program, Lancaster, PA  Aug 2009 This case study has been written as a resource for communities who would like to begin or modify an existing program to focus greater attention on rapidly re-house individual.... More
HUD icon Rural CoC Guidebook  Jun 2009 This guidebook is designed for providers in rural communities who are interested in forming a new CoC or joining or improving an existing one. It shares tools, ideas, and stra.... More
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Housing Search and Placement
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
Non-Governmental Organization icon Re-entry Housing Options Comparison  May 2009 This tool may be useful for case managers helping ex-offenders return to the community as well as for local officials and program directors in helping shape housing programs f.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon HPRP Housing Habitability Standards Inspection Checklist  Oct 2009 The standards for housing unit inspections under HPRP are the housing habitability standards described in Appendix C of the HPRP Notice. HPRP program staff can conduct the in.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon HPRP Unit Inspection Requirements  Oct 2009 The standards for housing unit inspections under the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) are the housing habitability standards, described in Appendix.... More
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