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Resources by Topic: Organizational Capacity Building

Subtopics in this category include Organizational Assessment and Planning, Organizational Structure and Governance, and Fundraising and Financial Management.

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Fundraising and Financial Management Definition
Organizational Assessment and Planning Definition
Organizational Capacity Building Definition
Organizational Structure and Governance Definition

Fundraising and Financial Management
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
Non-Governmental Organization icon Fundraising Fundamentals   This guide is intended for nonprofit program directors seeking guidance about the fundraising process. It includes information on preparation, identifying prospects, cultivati.... More
HUD icon Toolkit Match!  Oct 2007 This site provides resources for community-based and faith-based organizations to help locate funding to meet grant match requirements. The site also provides resources for g.... More
Non-Governmental Organization icon A Guide To Federal Housing and Community Development Programs for Small Towns and Rural Areas  Jan 2003 A tool for rural communities to identify public resources that may be used to meet low-income housing needs. Section III is on Homeless Assistance Programs. More
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Organizational Assessment and Planning
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon Homeless Management information Systems (HMIS) Self Assessment Tool  Sep 2008 The HMIS Self-Assessment Tool is a self-administered tool designed to assist communities with assessing their HMIS operations, management, compliance, and relative health and.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon An Influenza Pandemic Planning Guide for Homeless and Housing Service Providers  Dec 2006 This planning guide is intended for homeless and housing service providers seeking information about preparing for an influenza pandemic. It includes an overview of pandemic i.... More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Public Relations Guide for Rural Housing Organizations  Mar 2005 The major premise of this public relations guide is that there has never been a more important time to focus on public relations because of increasing challenges in the housin.... More
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Organizational Capacity Building
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon HOPWA Best Practices Training Series  Jan 2009 The HOPWA best practices training series is an online forum covering a range of issues - from grant management, reporting and administration to supportive services and case m.... More
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Organizational Structure and Governance
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon Building Effective Coalitions  Jun 2009 The guidebook is designed to help CoCs that have formed coalitions with homeless service providers, but still have not successfully involved organizations beyond the homeless.... More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Developing Employee Handbooks: An Instructional Tool-kit  Jan 2005 Developing Employee Handbooks is intended to act as a stand-alone publication to assist individuals and organizations creating employee handbooks. More
HUD icon Effective Board Composition  Jan 2003 This training presentation is intended for organizations seeking advice on effective board composition. It includes general information on how to build an effective board of d.... More
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