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Resources by Topic: Homelessness Prevention

Subtopics in this category include Discharge Planning, Emergency Assistance Programs, and Prevention Strategies.

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Coordination with Mainstream Systems Definition
Discharge Planning Definition
Homelessness Prevention Definition
Intake/Assessment/Case Managment Definition
Program/System Design Definition

Coordination with Mainstream Systems
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
Other Federal icon Rural Homelessness: Better Collaboration by HHS and HUD Could Improve Delivery of Services in Rural Areas  Jul 2010 This report provides information about rural homelessness issues, based in significant part on work in rural areas within six selected states. Specifically, the report address.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon Connecting HUD’s HPRP Program with Mainstream Workforce Programs  Jul 2009 This paper explores the role of employment services in preventing homelessness and in rapidly returning homeless individuals and families to housing stability. The paper also.... More
HUD icon Matrix of Programs Funded under ARRA  Mar 2009 This matrix provides a summary of all programs funded under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. HPRP grantees should review this list to identify additional programs an.... More
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Discharge Planning
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon Discharge Planning From Publicly Funded Institutions: Customized Bibliography   This bibliography is intended for researchers, nonprofit program directors, and service providers seeking information on discharge planning. The resources listed discuss strat.... More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Critical Time Intervention: Preventing Homelessness in the Transition from Institution to Community  Mar 2009 This fact sheet is intended for case managers and other housing services providers who are seeking general information on the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model of homeles.... More
Non-Governmental Organization icon From Locked Up to Locked Out: Creating and Implementing Post-release Housing for Ex-prisoners (2007 Update)  Dec 2007 Intended as a training resource for community organizations, the book is a starting point for planning and improving post-release housing and related services to support the t.... More
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Homelessness Prevention
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
Other Federal icon Runaway and Homeless Youth Grants: Improvements Needed in the Grant Award Process  May 2010 This report examines (1) grant announcements and application requirements, (2) technical assistance for grant applicants, (3) how grant award decisions are made, and (4) notif.... More
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Intake/Assessment/Case Managment
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon HPRP Area Median Income (AMI) Limits - Changes Between 2009 and 2010  Jun 2010 This table is intended for HPRP grantees seeking information on HPRP Area Median Income (AMI) limits. The table shows the change in the HPRP income limit (i.e., 50% AMI) for a.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon HPRP Income Eligibility Calculation Worksheet  Apr 2010 To be eligible for HPRP, households must be at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (and meet other HPRP eligibility requirements, as outlined in the Notice). Grantees may u.... More
HUD icon Staff Certification of Eligibility for HPRP Assistance  Mar 2010 This Staff Certification serves as documentation that the HPRP household named below meets all eligibility criteria for HPRP assistance, certifies that true and complete infor.... More
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Program/System Design
  Resource Title  Date Completed   Abstract
HUD icon Strategies for Preventing Homelessness  May 2005 This report describes the results of an exploratory study of six communities that have implemented effective and well-targeted community-wide homelessness prevention activitie.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon HPRP Tools and TA Resources  Nov 2009 This page is intended for grantees and subgrantees of the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP). It contains sample tools and templates, as well as techn.... More
Peer-to-Peer icon Designing and Delivering HPRP Financial Assistance  Oct 2009 The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) provides communities with a range of flexible financial tools to prevent homelessness as well as to assist in r.... More
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