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Resources by Audience: Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator

While CoC administrators often focus on development of the annual CoC application and systems-level planning and coordination, they need to know a little bit about aspects of homeless assistance effectively manage CoC activities. Areas of interest include such diverse topics as homeless prevention, housing development and operations, accessing mainstream housing and services, grant administration, and more.

Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator Resources for Topic "Accessing Mainstream Housing"

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
HUD icon Rural CoC Guidebook Jun 2009 This guidebook is designed for providers in rural communities who are interested in forming a new CoC or joining or improving an existing one. It shares tools, ideas, and stra....  More
HUD icon Housing Search Assistance Toolkit Oct 2007 This toolkit provide case managers and housing advocates with a wide range of tools and resources to help homeless clients obtain and maintain permanent housing within the pri....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Taking Stock: Housing, Homelessness, and Prisoner Reentry Mar 2004 This report is intended to inform community leaders and other stakeholders about the state of affairs and effective policy regarding housing ex-offenders. The report details t....  More
HUD icon Using CDBG Funds to Address Homelessness Dec 2003 HUD has a number of programs that provide affordable housing for low-income persons. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is an important resource for local governmen....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Tax Credits and Rural Housing Dec 2003 This issue of Rural Voices, the magazine of the Housing Assistance Council, highlights the ways that various organizations and agencies have successfully used tax credits to a....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon State Housing Agencies- How They Can Help People with Disabilities Sep 2003 This publication is intended for disability advocates seeking information on state housing agencies and strategies for influencing them. It includes an overview of types of st....  More
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HUD icon Using HOME for Homelessness Jul 2003 The purpose of the Notice is to provide guidance to Field Offices, Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program Grantees in the use of HOME Progr....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Section 8 Made Simple: Using the Housing Choice Voucher Program to Assist People with Disabilities (2nd edition) Jun 2003 This guidebook is intended for people with disabilities, their families, and service providers seeking comprehensive information on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher progra....  More
Other Federal icon Regional Housing Forum: A Technical Assistance Guide for Housing Resources and Strategy Mar 2003 This guide is intended for states looking to expand housing opportunities for people with disabilities. Prepared for the State Health Policy Technical Assistance Exchange Coll....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Making the Transition to Permanent Housing (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 Supportive Housing Training Series. This curriculum is aimed at direct service staff and managers who are helping people with histories of homelessness transition into perman....  More
HUD icon Guidance on Combining Program Funds of the McKinney Act Programs and the HOPWA Program with the HOME Program Jan 2001 The purpose of this notice is to guide Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) and private nonprofit organizations in using HOME funds together with HUD Continuum of Care homeless a....  More
Other Federal icon Seizing the Moment: Using HUD's Consolidated Plan to Identify Affordable Housing Opportunities for Homeless People with Serious Mental Illnesses Oct 1999 An introduction to the federally mandated ConPlan: How it influences housing policies and federally funded housing activities in communities, and how homeless providers and th....  More
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