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Resources by Audience: Program Director

Program Directors have an array of responsibilities, ranging from program design and development to performance evaluation and staff training and oversight. As a result, they are likely to seek policy and planning tools, research on effective practices and model programs, and "how to" guides to assist with their work.

Program Director Resources for Topic "Housing Project Development"

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
Non-Governmental Organization icon Between the Lines: A Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issues in Supportive Housing This guide is intended primarily for supportive-housing providers, but may also be useful for government agency staff, supportive housing advocates, and tenants seeking inform....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon HAC Information Sheets Brief program summaries, including links when appropriate, for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, the Federal Home Loan Bank System's Affordable Housing Program, the Community....  More
HUD icon NIMBY Risk Assessment and Decision Tree Tool Mar 2010 This tool is intended for case managers, outreach workers, CoC administrators, and program directors seeking information on building community support and overcoming NIMBYism....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Guidebook on Developing Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless Veterans Aug 2006 This guidebook is geared towards community-based homeless service providers new to housing, and will introduce and explore the various supportive housing development options a....  More
HUD icon Military Base Reuse and Homeless Assistance Guidebook Jul 2006 This guidebook was developed to anticipate and answer potential questions about military base resuse and homeless assistancet. It explains the base redevelopment planning proc....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Building Opportunities for Families into Affordable Housing: How States are Using the Housing Credit to Encourage Resident Services Apr 2006 Building Opportunities for Families into Affordable Housing: How States are Using the Housing Credit to Encourage Resident Services describes state housing agency initiatives....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon Using the Housing Credit for Supportive Housing: An Assessment of 2005 State Policies Apr 2006 Using the Housing Credit for Supportive Housing: An Assessment of 2005 State Policies describes state housing agency initiatives advancing the development of affordable housin....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Toolkit for Developing and Operating Supportive Housing Mar 2006 This toolkit is intended for Supportive Housing Program (SHP) providers seeking tools and information on planning, developing, and operating permanent supportive housing proje....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Home Works: Solving Family Homelessness through Permanent Supportive Housing Dec 2005 Home Works draws upon the pragmatic lessons learned from many family supportive housing projects in operation in and around San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis. Designed p....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Combining Affordable Housing Funding Sources Oct 2005 This guide provides a brief overview of common funding sources for affordable housing development and the issues that developers may encounter when trying to combine different....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon When One Door Closes: Shuttered Military Bases Offer New Opportunities for the Homeless - With Pro Bono Help Aug 2005 This article considers the opportunities presented by military base closures for assisting homeless persons who are homeless. The article includes brief case studies and a co....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Involving Public and Nonprofit Hospitals in Supportive Housing Jun 2005 This paper addresses questions regarding why more nonprofit and public hospitals are becoming involved in not only creating, but also providing and managing supportive housing....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon CSH Financing Supportive Housing Guide Jan 2005 This supportive housing financing guide is intended for housing developers, service providers, and supportive housing advocates seeking in-depth information on federal funding....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Formulas for Success: Housing Plus Services in Rural Areas Jun 2004 This report is intended to provide a resource to rural community organizations involved with or considering housing plus service developments, including information and techni....  More
Other Federal icon Guide for Developing Housing for Ex-Offenders May 2004 This resource is targeted to non-profits, CoCs, and other interested parties who want to develop a housing program for ex-offenders. It presents a step-by-step approach for d....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development: A Fair Housing Toolkit Jan 2004 This toolkit isintended to give developers a working knowledge of fair housing in a form they can use. It gives common sense, hands-on tools to deal with public hearings, buil....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Suggestions for Design Standards in Supportive Housing Jan 2004 This resource is intended for supportive housing service providers, architects, and owners seeking design standards for supportive housing facilities. It includes a list of st....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Supportive Housing Financing Sources Guide : With Special Emphasis on Programs in Arizona, California, and Nevada Jan 2004 The purpose of the Supportive Housing Financing Sources Guide is to help supportive housing sponsors identify potential financing and funding sources for supportive housing pr....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon Tax Credits and Rural Housing Dec 2003 This issue of Rural Voices, the magazine of the Housing Assistance Council, highlights the ways that various organizations and agencies have successfully used tax credits to a....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Housing Youth: Key Issues in Supportive Housing Sep 2003 This report is primarily an exploration of issues specific to permanent housing with an emphasis on the nuts and bolts of designing and operating supportive housing targeted t....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Laying a New Foundation: Changing the Systems that Create and Sustain Supportive Housing Jul 2003 This report draws on CSH's decade of experience in advocacy and policy work to describe what successful public systems for creating supportive housing might look like and how....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon A Guide To Federal Housing and Community Development Programs for Small Towns and Rural Areas Jan 2003 A tool for rural communities to identify public resources that may be used to meet low-income housing needs. Section III is on Homeless Assistance Programs.  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Development and Management: Financial Management and HUD Compliance (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training nonprofit program staff and financial managers in financial management and supportive-housing project operatio....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Development and Management: Introduction to Supportive Housing Development Jan 2003 This training series is intended for trainers with some experience in supportive-housing development, operation and services. It includes units on supportive-housing developme....  More
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HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Developing the Program (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training administrative and supervisory level staff to to design a services program in a supportive-housing project. Pa....  More
HUD icon Housing Homeless Individuals Through HUD's Section 8 Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program Mar 2001 This guidebook is intended for current and prospective recipients of Section 8 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) funding. It provides information on the basic elements of the Sectio....  More
HUD icon Enhancing Shelter Plus Care Operations Jan 2001 This resource is intended for Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program operators seeking advice about effective S+C program management. The booklet includes general information on the....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Family Matters: A Guide to Developing Family Supportive Housing Jan 2001 This manual is intended for service providers and housing developers seeking guidance on developing permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families. It includes....  More
HUD icon Placemakers: A Guide to Developing Housing for Homeless People Jan 2001 This guide is intended for organizations looking for advice about creating housing for homeless people. The compilation of presentations, stories, and tools specific to develo....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Developing and Managing Supportive Housing Jan 2000 These three related guidebooks are for those interested in forming local consortia and developing supportive housing projects. Guidebook I discusses the formation and manageme....  More
HUD icon In from the Cold: Safe Havens for Homeless People Oct 1999 This toolkit is intended for those seeking information on creating effective Safe Havens for homeless individuals with serious mental illnesses. It was developed by experts in....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon A Primer for Beginning Rural Housing Developers Jan 1999 As a starting point for rural housing organizations, provides overview of housing development process, including assessment of needs, garnering local support, understanding lo....  More
HUD icon Not A Solo Act: Creating Successful Partnerships to Develop & Operate Supportive Housing Jan 1997 This manual is intended for nonprofit supportive housing sponsors seeking guidance on creating partnerships with other organizations. It includes information on typical owners....  More
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