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Resources by Audience: Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator

While CoC administrators often focus on development of the annual CoC application and systems-level planning and coordination, they need to know a little bit about aspects of homeless assistance effectively manage CoC activities. Areas of interest include such diverse topics as homeless prevention, housing development and operations, accessing mainstream housing and services, grant administration, and more.

Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator Resources for Topic "Housing Operations"

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
Other Federal icon FirstStep FirstStep is an interactive tool for case managers, outreach workers, and others working with people who are homeless. FirstStep provides information on assisting clients to a....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Between the Lines: A Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issues in Supportive Housing This guide is intended primarily for supportive-housing providers, but may also be useful for government agency staff, supportive housing advocates, and tenants seeking inform....  More
HUD icon From Theory to Practice: Advanced Topics in Homelessness This presentation provides SHP granteeswith information that allows them to effectively address advanced issues of homeless programs as well as new strategies and techniques....  More
HUD icon What Works This training package is intended for Supportive Housing Program (SHP) grantees and homeless service providers seeking information on homeless employment assistance strategies....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Critical Time Intervention: Preventing Homelessness in the Transition from Institution to Community Mar 2009 This fact sheet is intended for case managers and other housing services providers who are seeking general information on the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model of homeles....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon CSH Financing Supportive Housing Guide Jan 2005 This supportive housing financing guide is intended for housing developers, service providers, and supportive housing advocates seeking in-depth information on federal funding....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon Formulas for Success: Housing Plus Services in Rural Areas Jun 2004 This report is intended to provide a resource to rural community organizations involved with or considering housing plus service developments, including information and techni....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Development and Management: Coordinating Property Management and Social Services in Supportive Housing (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for training supportive housing service providers about the relationship between property management and supportive services. It....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Developing the Program (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training administrative and supervisory level staff to to design a services program in a supportive-housing project. Pa....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Making the Transition to Permanent Housing (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 Supportive Housing Training Series. This curriculum is aimed at direct service staff and managers who are helping people with histories of homelessness transition into perman....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Pathways to Housing Dec 2002 "Pathways to Housing," a homeless service provider, was featured in PBS's Newshour on Dec 30 2002. This link provides a transcript of the segment as well as a video stream.  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Using TANF to Finance Essential Services in a Supportive Housing Program for Homeless Families and Young Adults Nov 2001 This report provides legal and policy analysis to support a model approach to using federal and state welfare funds to finance essential services for homeless families, famili....  More
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HUD icon Enhancing Shelter Plus Care Operations Jan 2001 This resource is intended for Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program operators seeking advice about effective S+C program management. The booklet includes general information on the....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Family Matters: A Guide to Developing Family Supportive Housing Jan 2001 This manual is intended for service providers and housing developers seeking guidance on developing permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families. It includes....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon The Network: Health, Housing and Integrated Services Best Practices and Lessons Learned Aug 2000 This report summarizes the principles, policies, procedures and practices used by housing and service providers that have proven to be effective in serving health, housing and....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Landlord, Service Provider... And Employer: Hiring and PromotingTenants at Lakefront SRO Jan 2000 This report provides a close look at Lakefront SRO's program of in-house tenant employment, as a guide for other supportive housing programs that either hire their own tenants....  More
HUD icon Not A Solo Act: Creating Successful Partnerships to Develop & Operate Supportive Housing Jan 1997 This manual is intended for nonprofit supportive housing sponsors seeking guidance on creating partnerships with other organizations. It includes information on typical owners....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Critical Time Intervention This website is intended for case managers and other housing services providers who are seeking information on the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model of homelessness preve....  More
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