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Resources by Audience: Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator

While CoC administrators often focus on development of the annual CoC application and systems-level planning and coordination, they need to know a little bit about aspects of homeless assistance effectively manage CoC activities. Areas of interest include such diverse topics as homeless prevention, housing development and operations, accessing mainstream housing and services, grant administration, and more.

Continuum of Care (CoC) Administrator Resources for Topic "Homelessness Prevention"

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
HUD icon Strategies for Preventing Homelessness May 2005 This report describes the results of an exploratory study of six communities that have implemented effective and well-targeted community-wide homelessness prevention activitie....  More
HUD icon Discharge Planning From Publicly Funded Institutions: Customized Bibliography This bibliography is intended for researchers, nonprofit program directors, and service providers seeking information on discharge planning. The resources listed discuss strat....  More
Other Federal icon Rural Homelessness: Better Collaboration by HHS and HUD Could Improve Delivery of Services in Rural Areas Jul 2010 This report provides information about rural homelessness issues, based in significant part on work in rural areas within six selected states. Specifically, the report address....  More
Other Federal icon Runaway and Homeless Youth Grants: Improvements Needed in the Grant Award Process May 2010 This report examines (1) grant announcements and application requirements, (2) technical assistance for grant applicants, (3) how grant award decisions are made, and (4) notif....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Critical Time Intervention: Preventing Homelessness in the Transition from Institution to Community Mar 2009 This fact sheet is intended for case managers and other housing services providers who are seeking general information on the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model of homeles....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Mapping Prisoner Reentry: An Action Research Guidebook Nov 2006 The Reentry Mapping Network (RMN) is a collaborative effort by community-based organizations and the Urban Institute, designed to create community change through the mapping a....  More
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Other Federal icon Outreach to Homeless Veterans in the Los Angeles County Jail: The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Story Jan 2006 This article discusses the role of VA social work leaders in developing the jail outreach program. The authors use elements of Hasenfeld and Brock's Political Economy Model (....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry: Research Findings from the Urban Institute's Prisoner Reentry Portfolio Jan 2006 This document provides an overview of some of the key dimensions of prisoner reentry and highlights the Urban Institute's original research across these topics. In addition, i....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Re-Entry Policy Council Report Jan 2005 The report's research findings and policy recommendations provide valuable guidance related to interagency collaboration, systems integration, and transition planning from pri....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Formulas for Success: Housing Plus Services in Rural Areas Jun 2004 This report is intended to provide a resource to rural community organizations involved with or considering housing plus service developments, including information and techni....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon New Beginnings: The Need for Supportive Housing for Previously Incarcerated People May 2004 The report examines the housing and service needs of formerly incarcerated people, particularly those with special needs, and presents a national survey of existing models of....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Taking Stock: Housing, Homelessness, and Prison Reentry Mar 2004 This report examines how those who have spent time in prison or jail fare in securing safe and affordable housing following their release and discusses housing programming and....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon Holes in the Safety Net: Mainstream Systems and Homelessness Feb 2003 This report presents research and insights about how mainstream systems--publicly funded systems that serve low-income people--can be improved to better serve those eligible f....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon A Guide to Reentry Supportive Housing: A Three-Part Primer for Non-profit Supportive Housing Developers, Social Service Providers, and Their Government Partners Mar 2002 This guide is intended for supportive-housing developers, social-service providers, and governments seeking basic information on supportive housing for ex-offenders. It includ....  More
HUD icon Coordinating Resources and Developing Strategies to Address the Needs of Homeless Veterans Feb 2002 This guidebook is intended for those honing or developing homeless assistance projects for veterans. It provides information about projects throughout the country that address....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Using TANF Funds for Housing-Related Benefits to Prevent Homelessness Apr 2001 Under the final regulations for the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families block grant program (TANF), states and counties may use federal TANF funds for homeless prevention m....  More
HUD icon Homeless Prevention in the ESG Program Mar 2001 This brochure is intended for administrators, case managers and program directors dealing with Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) projects and seeking specific homeless prevention....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Critical Time Intervention This website is intended for case managers and other housing services providers who are seeking information on the Critical Time Intervention (CTI) model of homelessness preve....  More
Peer-to-Peer icon Planning for Homeless Prevention The Partnership Center developed this presentation to assist communities in thinking through the design of local homeless prevention programs. The Partnership Center, Ltd. is....  More
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