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Resources by Audience: Program Director

Program Directors have an array of responsibilities, ranging from program design and development to performance evaluation and staff training and oversight. As a result, they are likely to seek policy and planning tools, research on effective practices and model programs, and "how to" guides to assist with their work.

Program Director Resources for Topic "Accessing Mainstream Services and Supports"

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
HUD icon The NSP Resource Exchange is a one-stop shop for the information and resources needed by NSP grantees, subrecipients and developers to purchase, rehabilitate, and resell forec....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Medicaid Resources This collection of documents is intended for both supportive housing providers and policymakers seeking information on supportive-housing funding. It includes information on M....  More
HUD icon Strategies for Improving Homeless People's Access to Mainstream Benefits and Services Mar 2010 This study examines how seven communities sought to improve homeless people's access to mainstream services following the shift away from funding services through the Supporti....  More
HUD icon Earned Income Disallowance (EID) Training Dec 2009 The Earned Income Disallowance, sometimes called Earned Income Disregard or EID, is a program that allows tenants who have been out of work to accept a job without having thei....  More
HUD icon Building Effective Coalitions Jun 2009 The guidebook is designed to help CoCs that have formed coalitions with homeless service providers, but still have not successfully involved organizations beyond the homeless....  More
HUD icon Stepping Stones to SSI and SSDI: Assisting Adults with HIV/AIDS with Social Security Disability Benefits Jun 2009 Stepping Stones to SSI and SSDI is a training curriculum for case managers assisting eligible adults who have HIV/AIDS to successfully apply for Social Security Administration....  More
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HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 9: Employment Services for Homeless Ex-Offenders May 2009 Many people who are chronically homeless cycle between jails, shelters, and the street, and many people have difficulty finding or maintaining housing after their release from....  More
HUD icon Creating Community Employment Pathways (CEP) Apr 2009 The guidebook on employment pathways for the homeless is intended for Continuum of Care (CoC) lead agencies, CoC working groups, homeless assistances providers, state and loca....  More
HUD icon Matrix of Programs Funded under ARRA Mar 2009 This matrix provides a summary of all programs funded under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. HPRP grantees should review this list to identify additional programs an....  More
HUD icon Financing Employment Programs for Homeless People Toolkit Jan 2009 Increasingly, homeless assistance providers need to find creative ways to finance employment services for homeless people and other disadvantaged jobseekers. This PowerPoint s....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 6: Homeless and Hiring - Employer Perspectives Dec 2008 This lecture explores employer perspectives regarding hiring and retaining employees who are homeless. In particular, employers' views on what to look for in employees and the....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 8: Employment Services for Homeless Veterans Dec 2008 While homeless veterans often have impressive skills, experience, and education, they also typically face significant barriers to employment. This lecture describes common iss....  More
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HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 3: Using an Integrated Services Approach to Engage Clients in Employment, Housing, and Treatment Jul 2008 This lecture discusses Integrated Services Teams and how they can serve people who are homeless by addressing employment, housing, and treatment needs. This lecture is intende....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 4: Employment Programs in Action Jul 2008 This lecture is intended for outreach workers and case managers working in homeless programs and community rehabilitation programs. This lecture explores three programs that h....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 5: Work Incentives Jul 2008 This lecture provides an introduction to work incentives. It describes the importance of considering them when helping people who are homeless seek work, and it offers suggest....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 7: Employment Retention: Customization and Other Strategies Jul 2008 This lecture has been developed to help staff of homeless assistance and workforce development organizations who work with jobseekers who are homeless. The retention principle....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Toolkit for Connecting Supportive Housing Tenants to Employment Jul 2008 The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide access to tools, case studies, evaluations, sample documents, and other useful resources for connecting supportive housing tenants to....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Audio Lecture Series Jun 2008 This audio lecture series is designed to help CoCs, homeless assistance providers, and employment assistance agencies develop effective strategies and practices in addressing....  More
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HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 1: Integrating Vocational Assessment in Client Service Planning Jun 2008 This lecture is intended for outreach workers and case managers working in homeless programs and community rehabilitation programs. The vocational assessment principles and p....  More
HUD icon HUD Employment Lecture 2: Outreach and Employment Jun 2008 This lecture is intended for outreach workers and case managers working in homeless and community rehabilitation programs. This material is intended to provide outreach worker....  More
HUD icon Coordinating Community Plans May 2008 In recent years, driven by intersecting Federal, State, and private initiatives, the emphasis has shifted from managing homelessness to preventing and ending homelessness in c....  More
HUD icon Documenting Results Teleconference Apr 2008 The teleconference described employment practices that have been successful in helping homeless people obtain and retain jobs. The teleconference also examined factors that ha....  More
HUD icon Accessing Mainstream Employment and Income Support Programs Apr 2008 Mainstream programs-which are publicly funded programs that provide services, housing, and income supports to people who are poor whether they are homeless or not-have a vital....  More
HUD icon Using Mainstream Services to End Homelessness Oct 2007 This toolkit highlights promising efforts by states, providers, and local governments to provide access to mainstream services for people who are homeless. The toolkit includ....  More
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Other Federal icon An Annotated Bibliography on Employment and Homelessness Apr 2007   More
Other Federal icon Homeless Policy Academy Apr 2007 This site serves as an archive to share information from the Policy Academies that took place from October 2001 to April 2007 and from the Federal Planning Committee. Present....  More
Other Federal icon Linking One-Stop Career Centers and Homeless Assistance & Housing Programs Apr 2007 This paper proposes that we can better link employment programs and services organized under the Workforce Investment Act and delivered through One-Stop Career Centers with th....  More
Other Federal icon A McKinney-Vento Toolbox: Constructing a Robust and Rigorous Homeless Education Program, In Case of Disaster and Every Day Mar 2007 The toolbox is designed to help school districts implement the McKinney-Vento Act fully, so they can address the needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness on a dai....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon AB2034 Program Experiences in Housing Homeless People with Serious Mental Illness Dec 2005 This report describes the housing strategies used by the AB2034 pilot programs in California, and the outcomes they achieved. The results of the analysis seem to indicate tha....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Mainstreaming Health Care for Homeless People Apr 2005 This paper briefly examines the interaction of the health care system with homelessness, and describes an effective approach to mainstreaming in health care that can help to....  More
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Other Federal icon Stepping Stones to Recovery: A Case Manager's Manual for Assisting Adults who are Homeless with Social Security Disability Benefits (Student Guide) Jan 2005 This manual was developed by SAMHSA to help case managers and others assist adults who are homeless, especially those who have serious mental illnesses, apply for Social Secur....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Next Step: Jobs - Promoting Employment for Homeless People Sep 2003 Abt Associates conducted a cost-effectiveness assessment of employment services in supportive housing. In this second and final report, the authors conclude that it is cost ef....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon The Basics of the Federal/State Medicaid Program Apr 2003 An introduction covering who is eligible for Medicaid, what services are covered, and who can receive Medicaid reimbursement for providing these services. This paper also cons....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Holes in the Safety Net: Mainstream Systems and Homelessness Feb 2003 This report presents research and insights about how mainstream systems--publicly funded systems that serve low-income people--can be improved to better serve those eligible f....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Supportive Housing for Youth Jan 2003 This document includes an assessment of the need for housing youth and overviews of current funding and legislative issues, existing models (especially transitional housing),....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Employment Services in Supportive Housing (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training Supportive Housing Program (SHP) service providers in developing employment and vocational programs for tenant....  More
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HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Issues in the First Year (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training Supportive Housing Program (SHP) service providers in preparing for the first year of a supportive residence.....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Services and Case Management: Services for People with Special Needs (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training supportive-housing staff to understand the spectrum of special needs tenants might have. Part of the Supportiv....  More
Other Federal icon Work as a Priority: A Resource for Employing People Who Have Serious Mental Illnesses and Who Are Homeless Jan 2003 This guidebook is intended for service providers and policymakers seeking information on increasing employment among homeless people with serious mental illnesses. It aims to....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon The Role of Medicaid in Improving Access to Care for Homeless People Jun 2002 The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured commissioned this report to learn more about the role that Medicaid plays in the ability of homeless people to get health c....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Hard to Reach: Rural Homelessness and Health Care Jan 2002 This document published by the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council examines the health care problems and access challenges facing the rural homeless.  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Using TANF to Finance Essential Services in a Supportive Housing Program for Homeless Families and Young Adults Nov 2001 This report provides legal and policy analysis to support a model approach to using federal and state welfare funds to finance essential services for homeless families, famili....  More
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Non-Governmental Organization icon Vocationalizing the Homefront: Promising Practices in Place-Based Employment Mar 2001 The 21 place-based employment programs featured in this report represent some of the most comprehensive and innovative approaches to employing persons who are homeless, former....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon The Network: Health, Housing and Integrated Services Best Practices and Lessons Learned Aug 2000 This report summarizes the principles, policies, procedures and practices used by housing and service providers that have proven to be effective in serving health, housing and....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Keeping the Door Open to People with Drug Problems - Volumes I, II, and III Jan 2000 This three-part guide is intended for employment program managers and staff seeking tips on serving people with drug problems. Volume I, targeted at managers, discusses system....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Landlord, Service Provider... And Employer: Hiring and PromotingTenants at Lakefront SRO Jan 2000 This report provides a close look at Lakefront SRO's program of in-house tenant employment, as a guide for other supportive housing programs that either hire their own tenants....  More
Non-Governmental Organization icon Linking Rural Housing and Social Services: Case Studies Mar 1999 Case studies on: 1) organizations that started as health or social service providers and incorporated housing later, and 2) organizations that started as housing providers and....  More
Other Federal icon Employment and Training for America's Homeless: Best Practices Guide Jan 1997 This Best Practices Guide (BPG) is a "how-to" guide for employment and training agencies on tailoring their service delivery systems to be more effective in training, placing,....  More
Other Federal icon Your Benefits Connection (formerly is a website developed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in partnership with other Federal agencies that provides informatio....  More
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