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HOPWA Financial Management Training Manual


This training manual is designed for HOPWA grantees and projects sponsors, and more specifically, their program and financial staff. While this training manual includes a lot of information about Federal financial management requirements, the ultimate focus is to provide participants with useful, practical tools, so that the following can be achieved:

•Each staff person working on HOPWA activities has a clear process for recording and adequately documenting time that can be charged to the HOPWA program

•Agencies and organizations have a clear understanding of the basis for properly allocating non-personnel costs to the HOPWA program

•Households receiving rental assistance get an appropriate amount of subsidy and contribute no more and no less than the required amount

•Agency and organization financial and record-keeping systems record in a readily retrievable manner all of the financial (and other) data required for HOPWA reports

The overall financial management process should provide HOPWA grantees an effective approach for developing proposed activities using sound financial information, accurately recording financial information as they carry out the activities, and reporting all financial information in the format specified. Participants should consider each element of this training as a component of this overall financial management system concept.

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HOPWA Financial Management Training Manual
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