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A Guide to Counting Sheltered Homeless People (Revised 2012)


This guide describes recommended methods for collecting data on sheltered homeless populations, that is, homeless persons residing in emergency shelter, transitional housing or Safe Havens. Originally published in 2006, this version, updated in January 2012, clarifies HUD standards for counting homeless persons moving forward.

The intended audience for this guide is individuals and agencies involved in the CoC planning process, state and local government agencies, and regional councils of government. The guide will be useful in determining a process for collecting high-quality data on the number and characteristics of sheltered homeless people in your community. If your CoC has experience with conducting a point-in-time (PIT) sheltered count, you are encouraged to review this guidance and consider how your process and methods might be improved or how to start using HMIS for this purpose.

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A Guide to Counting Sheltered Homeless People (Revised 2012)
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Guidebooks, Tools and Templates
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January 2012
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Abt Associates
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Families Experiencing Homelessness
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Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
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