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Resource Detail

Resource Title: Mapping Prisoner Reentry: An Action Research Guidebook

Format: Adobe PDF

Product Developer: Non-Governmental Organization icon

Product Type: PD&R; Research, Reports to Congress, Research Materials

Date Completed: November 2006

Author/Organization: Urban Institute


The Reentry Mapping Network (RMN) is a collaborative effort by community-based organizations and the Urban Institute, designed to create community change through the mapping and analysis of neighborhood-level data on prisoner reentry. RMN partners collect and analyze local data related to incarceration, reentry, and community well-being, and work with their communities, local organizations, and policymakers to develop strategies for addressing prisoner reentry in their regions. This guidebook provides information on how interested parties can understand and address prisoner reentry at the local level through mapping and data analysis. It outlines the concepts and methods underlying the RMN and the experiences of the RMN partners so that other jurisdictions can learn from these experiences and create more successful reentry strategies in their own communities.


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