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Resource Detail

Resource Title: Strategies for Reducing Chronic Street Homelessness

Format: Adobe PDF

Product Developer: HUD icon

Product Type: PD&R; Research, Reports to Congress, Research Materials

Date Completed: January 2004

Author/Organization: Urban Institute


This 348-page report is intended for researchers, advocates, and Continuum of Care administrators (CoC) seeking strategies for reducing chronic homelessness. In includes information on seven communities' approaches to reducing chronic street homelessness. The communities outlined are Birmingham, Ala.; Boston; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; San Diego, Calif.; and Seattle. The report details elements of success, new strategies for programs and services, guidance on assembling resources and services, tips for documenting progress, methods communities use to pay for new approaches, and implications on policy, practice and research.

Keywords: Chronic street homelessness, reducing homelessness, Continuum of Care, CoC, case studies, reducing chronic homelessness

on a HUD sponsored project to identify and describe community-wide approaches that are working in cities around the country.


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