A listserv is a distribution list enabling homeless service providers, Continuum of Care organizations, TA providers, and other stakeholders to stay informed about HUD's homeless programs, competitions, awards, policy updates, and more. HUD has numerous lists to more effectively distribute information that is pertinent to a particular audience.

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All of the existing HUD Community Planning and Development (CPD) listservs, including Homeless Assistance Program, HPRP, HMIS, HMIS Software Provider, HOPWA, Emergency Solutions Grants Program, and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, have been consolidated into the OneCPD Mailing List.

  1. How to sign up: If you are not currently subscribed to a CPD mailing list, go to the OneCPD mailing list sign up page and select the topics for which you would like to receive information.
  2. If you are subscribed to any of the CPD mailing lists, you have been automatically subscribed to the OneCPD mailing list. You will continue to receive messages only on those topics you have subscribed for through the OneCPD mailing list in addition to OneCPD updates.
    • To add/remove topics that you wish to receive information for, go to the sign up page above, fill in the required fields, and click Subscribe to List. You will then be prompted to click on the update profile link. A message will be sent to the email address you registered with. In this email, click Update your Preferences to manage the topics you're subscribed to.
    • If you wish to be removed from ALL topic mailing lists, go to the Unsubscribe page and type in your email address.

Privacy statement: When you register for a mailing list, we won't share your email address with anyone outside HUD. For more information, read the OneCPD Website and Privacy Policies.

Listserv Archives

Under Listserv Archives, please click on any of the topic headings to view the list of messages that are available. The headings are based on topic, rather than listserv as the same message is often distributed through more than one listserv. Then, select the item that you would like to read.

Go to the OneCPD Mailing List page to view the most recent Archive.

Listserv messages sent out prior to July 16, 2022 are listed below.

Annual Performance Report (APR) Listserv Archives

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HMIS Information Listserv Archives

HMIS Software Provider Listserv Archives

Homeless Assistance Program Listserv Archives

Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX – PIT, HIC, AHAR, PULSE) Listserv Archives

HOPWA Listserv Archives

HPRP Listserv Archives

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Listserv Archives