HOPWA Spotlight

New CPD Income Eligibility Calculator

HUD launched the CPD Income Eligibility Calculator, a new tool to help CPD grantees, including HOPWA grantees, to determine income eligibility and assistance amounts for beneficiaries of CPD programs. For more information about the tool, visit the OneCPD Resource Exchange.

HOPWA Modernization Proposal

HUD's FY 2013 Budget proposes to update the HOPWA program to better reflect the current understanding of HIV/AIDS and ensure that funds are directed in a more equitable and effective manner. This modernization includes a new formula that will distribute HOPWA funds based on the current population of HIV-positive individuals, fair market rents, and poverty rates in order to target funds to areas with the greatest need. It also makes the program more flexible, by giving local communities more options to provide targeted, timely, and cost-effective interventions. The Budget's $330 million investment in HOPWA, in combination with the proposed modernization, will assist local communities in keeping individuals with HIV/AIDS housed, thus making it easier for them to stay in therapy and therefore improving the health outcomes for this vulnerable population.