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XIX International AIDS Conference

The XIX International AIDS Conference is being hosted in Washington, DC from July 22 - 27, 2012. HUD's Office of HIV/AIDS Housing is partnering with other Federal agencies to present information on U.S. Government programs and action under the National HIV/AIDS Strategy during this conference. Click here to find out more information.

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JRI Health Youth Housing Initiative, Justice Resource Institute

The Justice Resource Institute (JRI) was founded in 1973 to address problems of deinstitutionalization. They began working with court-involved persons and have since expanded their array of programs and now serve developmentally delayed persons, youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, and GLBT youth. Today JRI is one of the largest human services providers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. JRI manages a health center and mental health clinic; street youth outreach; court and probation consultative services; residential schools for mentally ill, cognitively limited, developmentally disabled, and behaviorally challenging youngsters; and comprehensive services for adult developmentally disabled.

JRI's 2011 HOPWA competitive Special Projects of National Significance program JRI Health Youth Housing Initiative will bring $1,223,388 to this hard to serve population. The JRI Health Housing Program will oversee the effort to provide scattered site tenant based housing rental assistance and supportive services to 20 homeless youth who are living with HIV in the Boston area. JRI will partner with two local project sponsors with the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership providing housing support and supportive services coordinated with the Boston Medical Center SPARK Center. The project will promote stable housing, health outcomes and client achievements toward self-sufficiency. In collaboration with local vocational training partners and Ticket to Work programs the effort will help connect clients with job opportunities.

Under this initiative, the JRI project will assist in developing a community model for an Integrated HIV/AIDS Housing Plan. The planning team has secured Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) from the Boston Public Health Commission's Ryan White Planning Council, the local Community Planning and Development Office, the SPARK Center a local non-profit, and other government and non-governmental organizations to coordinate and integrate the Youth Housing Initiative into local planning efforts. The model will demonstrate cross-program efforts under HOPWA and Ryan White Care projects to coordinate service delivery and integrate data collection and reporting on results.

For more information, please visit: http://www.jri.org/.