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2011 HOPWA IHHP SPNS Grantees

In response to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy's call for greater access to care through collaborations between federal and community plans, the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing announced seven new competitive grants that will become models of integration. They will all create an Integrated HIV/AIDS Housing Plan (IHHP) at the end of their three years that will be made public and will hopefully be a tool for other communities. Read more about the 2011 IHHP SPNS Grantees.

HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training

Welcome to the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training. This is your virtual gateway to help you acquire the knowledge and practical tools needed to implement effective financial management as a part of your daily routine. Select the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training link below to access it. It is available to you anytime; from anywhere that you have access to the HUDHRE.info site, and you may proceed at your own pace. To begin, be sure to do the following:

  • Once you have self-registered as a "New User" (if this is your first time ever entering the site)/logged into and entered this area, view the Navigation Tutorial to learn how to interact with this training and troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • After reading and closing this tutorial, be sure to have the volume of your computer's speakers turned on and view the Introduction by selecting the Forward arrow (forward arrow) on the main content screen/under the displayed photo.
  • Then, select the Your Progress button located in the upper right corner of the training screen to view the modules you must complete.
  • Note that you may view the Navigation Tutorial at anytime by selecting the Help button in the upper right corner of the training screen.

Select the following link to begin: HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training

Additional Notes:

Get Flash Player This site uses Flash for its learning interactions. If needed, select the Flash Player icon to the left to download and install the latest version. Note that this is a free application.
Get Adobe Reader You will need to download Adobe Reader® software, if it is not already installed on your computer, to view and print many documents in this site. Note that this is a free application.
 This website and courseware require a computer running Windows 2000/ME/XP operating system using Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.

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Individuals with Passing Scores

The chart below displays the individuals who have passed the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training by state as of May 2, 2012. As of this date, a total of 206 people from 37 states have passed the training course with a score of 80% or better.

Location Name Trainee Type
North Carolina Melvinna Adams HOPWA Grantee
Texas Royce Adams HOPWA Grantee
Ohio Adwoa Adjei-Gyampo HOPWA Grantee
Texas Dora Aguiluz Other
Virginia Titilayo Akodu HOPWA Project Sponsor
Maryland Ebony Alderman HOPWA Grantee
Texas Deborah Alford HOPWA Grantee
Puerto Rico María De Los A. Amaro-Martínez HOPWA Grantee
Georgia Megan Anderson HOPWA Grantee
Texas Mike Anderson HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Mexico Joyce Arellano HOPWA Grantee
Louisiana Tara Armwood HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Gail Avery HUD Field Office
District of Columbia Ben Ayers HUD Headquarters
Missouri Carrie Bagwell HOPWA Grantee
Idaho Crystal Bastin HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Carolyn Bazik Other
South Carolina Joseph Beasley Other
Kentucky Amanda Beck-Myers HOPWA Grantee
Texas William Bedford HUD Field Office
Michigan Vera Beech Other
District of Columbia Monique Berry HOPWA Grantee
Florida Michele Bradley HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas George Brochu HOPWA Grantee
Texas Rita Brockway HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Jersey Douglas Bunton HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Diana Burns HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Jennifer Butters HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Leonie Caddle HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Joycelyn Caesar HOPWA Grantee
Texas Amanda Calzada HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Shelby Cefoldo Other
Texas Lorraine Chambers HUD Field Office
Delaware Johane Cherico HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Julie Chinn HOPWA Grantee
Nevada Bridget Claridy HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Raquel Colon HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Allison Como HOPWA Project Sponsor
South Carolina Kristen Connors HOPWA Project Sponsor
Indiana Sonya Cork HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Lina Cortas HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Michael Cottrell HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Beverly Coulter HOPWA Grantee
Florida Christie Courtemanche HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Barbara Criss HOPWA Project Sponsor
New York Ashley Dailey HOPWA Grantee
Texas Kristi Dance HOPWA Grantee
California Myrna Dantes HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Jean Daversa HOPWA Grantee
Texas Lori Davidson HOPWA Grantee
California Rick Dean HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Lauren Deigh HUD Headquarters
California Stacey Demidow HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Diane Doland HOPWA Grantee
Florida Angie Durbin HOPWA Project Sponsor
Ohio Julie Embree HOPWA Project Sponsor
New York Giovanna Farquhar HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Trenton Fedrick HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Sandra Ferguson HOPWA Grantee
Connecticut Kimberly Fiore HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Tim Fretz HOPWA Project Sponsor
Florida Nicole Frigel HOPWA Grantee
Washington Mollie Gaspar HOPWA Grantee
Texas Nancy Gaugler HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Zachary Ginder HOPWA Grantee
North Carolina Lorie Goble HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Philip Goropoulos Other
District of Columbia Sherita Grant HOPWA Grantee
New Jersey Linda Greco HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Melissa Grove HOPWA Grantee
Arizona Jim Hannan HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Amy Harada HOPWA Grantee
Kentucky John Hardin HOPWA Project Sponsor
Puerto Rico Joseph Harrison TA Provider
Iowa Judy Hartman HOPWA Grantee
Texas Shirley Henley HUD Field Office
District of Columbia Mark Hill Other
Washington Linda Ivey HOPWA Project Sponsor
Georgia Daphine Jackson HOPWA Grantee
Vermont Peter Jacobsen HOPWA Project Sponsor
Arizona Mary Beth Jantzen HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Kim Jenkins HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Veronica Jenkins HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Brenda Jennings HUD Field Office
Indiana David Johnson HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Princess Johnson HOPWA Grantee
New York Rachel Johnson HOPWA Grantee
Missouri Tory Johnson Other
Texas Bernie Keasler HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Renee Kelly HOPWA Project Sponsor
Maryland Sandra Kelly HOPWA Grantee
New York David Kim HOPWA Grantee
Indiana Michelle Kincaid HUD Field Office
Pennsylvania Carole Klinger HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Fran Lavin HOPWA Grantee
North Carolina James Law HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Eric Lawyer HOPWA Grantee
Louisiana Amie LeBlanc HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Hampshire Wendy LeBlanc HOPWA Project Sponsor
South Carolina Jill LeClair Other
Texas David Lee HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Sharon Legrande HOPWA Project Sponsor
Ohio Mary Levee Other
District of Columbia Cassandra Lewis-Battle Other
District of Columbia Erica Lipschultz HUD Headquarters
Texas Mitos Llauder Other
Michigan LaWonna Lofton-Coleman HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Susan Lucas HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Hampshire Robert Mack HOPWA Grantee
New York Dave Magno HOPWA Grantee
Indiana Greg Majewski HOPWA Grantee
Massachusetts Elizabeth Malloy TA Provider
Florida Bo Matiss HOPWA Grantee
Georgia Kimberly Mcclee HOPWA Grantee
California Benjamin McCloskey HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Shannon Mcelroy HOPWA Grantee
Ohio Jennifer McEvilley Other
Massachusetts Christine Mcgoldrick HOPWA Project Sponsor
Iowa Carolyn McIntyre HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas Matt McKay HOPWA Grantee
Iowa Josh McRoberts HOPWA Grantee
Puerto Rico Priscilla Medina TA Provider
South Carolina John Middlebrook HOPWA Grantee
Georgia Darryl Mitchell HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Oscar Mitchell HOPWA Grantee
Texas Charletta Moaning HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Rony Mohram HOPWA Grantee
Puerto Rico Gladys Molina HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Julius Moore HOPWA Grantee
Florida Tammy Morgan HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Diane Morrow Other
Arizona Pamela Moseley HOPWA Grantee
New Jersey Jonique Mosley HOPWA Project Sponsor
West Virginia Cheryl Moyer HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Meghan Murphy HOPWA Project Sponsor
Missouri Tammy Nichols HOPWA Grantee
Puerto Rico Wilmary Nieves HOPWA Grantee
New York Giovanna Novoa HOPWA Grantee
Minnesota Peter O'Toole HOPWA Grantee
South Carolina Leigh Oden HOPWA Grantee
New York Joseph Opoku Other
District of Columbia Cheryl Pack HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Amy Palilonis HUD Headquarters
New Hampshire Ana Pancine HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Ellen Parmenteri HOPWA Grantee
Iowa Darla Peterson HOPWA Project Sponsor
District of Columbia Phillip Pless HUD Headquarters
Virginia Mary Potter HOPWA Grantee
Florida Richard Power HOPWA Grantee
Nevada Tina Prieto HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Elidoro Primero HOPWA Project Sponsor
Indiana Barbara Purk HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Gloria Lilia Ramirez HOPWA Project Sponsor
Florida Rob Renzi Other
Indiana Brian Revalee HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Jersey Richard Reznak HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Kristie Rhoades HOPWA Grantee
Maine Heather Rhoda HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia April Richardson HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Julie Riddle HOPWA Project Sponsor
New York Wendy Riley HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Melvina Robinson-Bass HOPWA Project Sponsor
New Mexico Justin Robison HOPWA Grantee
Texas Benny Rodriguez HUD Field Office
South Carolina Thomas Rowe HOPWA Project Sponsor
Texas David Anthony Saenz TA Provider
Hawaii Jeannie Salmon HOPWA Grantee
Alabama Nathan Salter Other
District of Columbia Alana Schachter HOPWA Project Sponsor
Ohio Peggy Scherer HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Rebecca Schrope HOPWA Grantee
Utah Jennifer Schumann HOPWA Grantee
Massachusetts Kathleen Sealey HOPWA Grantee
Arkansas D. Senter HOPWA Grantee
Virginia Kim Sheridan HOPWA Project Sponsor
New York Robert Shiau HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Marsha Shisman Other
Texas Wayne Sidell HUD Field Office
Virginia James Simpson HOPWA Project Sponsor
California Markus Singleton Other
West Virginia Shanequa Smith HOPWA Grantee
Texas Lori Snyder Other
Florida Tiffany Spikes Other
Indiana Jill Stowers HOPWA Project Sponsor
Maryland Tangene Sumlin-Owens HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Judy Sylvester HOPWA Project Sponsor
Georgia Elizabeth Thompson HOPWA Grantee
New York Roland Torres HOPWA Grantee
Indiana Anthony Trent HOPWA Project Sponsor
Indiana Jeremy Turner HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Joanne Valentino HOPWA Grantee
Pennsylvania Carol Vanderhoof HOPWA Grantee
California Shelley Vinson HOPWA Grantee
Florida Melissa Walton HOPWA Project Sponsor
Virginia Linda Warner HOPWA Grantee
Indiana Dorothy Waterhouse HOPWA Project Sponsor
Delaware Vaughn Watson HOPWA Grantee
Florida Nancy Watts HOPWA Grantee
Georgia Tom Webb HOPWA Grantee
Ohio Kevine Williams Other
Georgia Richard Willis HOPWA Grantee
West Virginia Sharon Wood HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Tamara Wurst HOPWA Grantee
District of Columbia Tommy Zarembka HOPWA Grantee
South Carolina Jessica Zhou HOPWA Project Sponsor
Pennsylvania Ken Zula Other

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