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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): APR

Find answers to commonly asked questions about:

  • HUD homeless assistance programs and policies, including questions regarding the most recent (2009) CoC NOFA application. (Note: If your grant award is from a previous year, please refer to NOFA FAQs from Previous Grant Years to find the NOFA FAQs that correspond to that grant award.);
  • HOPWA Short-term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance (STRMU) Payments; and
  • Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP);

For information regarding the HRE, visit About the HRE. For HPRP questions not addressed in this section, please visit the HPRP Virtual Help Desk.

If you have a question on a topic other than HPRP that is not addressed in this section, please visit the Contact Us page to obtain contact information for your local HUD Field Office.

You may search the FAQs by program/system, topic, keyword, and date, or browse the FAQs by program/system.

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Topic: General APR Questions
Date Program/System Question Answer
 11/29/10 APR  What is the Annual Performance Report? Is it the same as the HUD-40118 Annual Progress Report? 

Effective July 1, 2010, HUD replaced the Annual Progress Report (APR, HUD-40118) with a new electronic report, the Annual Performance Report (APR). All grantees receiving HUD McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Program funds with operating years ending on or after July 1, ...

 11/29/10 APR  How do I submit the new APR? 

The new APR must be submitted via e-snaps, the application and grants management system for HUD’s homeless assistance programs.

 11/29/10 APR  Should I mail a pdf copy of my APR to HUD? 

No. Once you have correctly completed your APR in e-snaps, you must hit the "Submit" button in e-snaps. If you are unsure of how to complete your APR, or have any problems ensuring that your APR has been submitted, please review the APR Guidebooks (http://www. ...

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Topic: e-snaps
Date Program/System Question Answer
 11/29/10 APR  What is the website for e-snaps

To access e-snaps, grantees must go to: To use e-snaps, you must have an active account.

 11/29/10 APR  How do I obtain an APR login and password? 

You should use the login and password that you created when you applied for your grant in e-snaps. If you do not have a login and are a first time user of e-snaps, then please go to APR_AddingDeletingUsers.pdf, for additional guidance on ...

 11/29/10 APR  What do I do if I forgot my password? 

To have your password reset, you must submit a question via the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk on the HUD HRE website, When submitting a question, please select “Using e-snaps” as your topic, and “Reset password” as your subtopic.

 11/29/10 APR  What do I do after logging in?  

The process varies depending on the type of APR that you are completing (Transition, HPRP, or full CoC). There are guidebooks specific to each type of APR, that each provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete your APR in e-snaps. Please visit the APR page at w ...

 11/29/10 APR  Who should submit the APR in e-snaps

The agency that received the grant from HUD should submit the APR, even if it subcontracts with another agency to operate the program. Only one person will be authorized to “submit” data into e-snaps; however, more than one person can be given access to e-snaps to “view” ...

 11/29/10 APR  Question 2 of the new APR requires an Authorized Grantee Official to certify the information. If the authorized grantee official does not submit information in e-snaps, then how can they certify the information? 

To certify the APR information, Authorized Grantee Officials can view the information in e-snaps in one of two ways:

1. Obtain access to e-snaps, by creating a profile that is then associated with the APR. For information, please go to: ...

 11/29/10 APR  Should the information that I report in the APR match my original grant submission? 

Yes. Information that you report in the APR should match your application for funding to HUD (Exhibit 2), or the Technical Submission or grant amendment approved by HUD.

 11/29/10 APR  Do I have to answer each question in order? 

No. If you would like to skip a question so that you can reply to it at a later time, simply click on the name of the question to which you want to move to. It is important that you hit “Save” before moving to the next question; failure to do so may result in a loss of ...

 11/29/10 APR  Why do the question numbers skip around when I am in e-snaps

Based on the information that you enter into e-snaps for your Grant Type, Component Type, Operating Year Start Date, and Operating Year End Date, you will only see those APR questions that apply to those criteria.

For example, if you enter into e-snaps that your g ...

 11/29/10 APR  I clicked the ‘back’ button on my browser and the information I just entered isn’t there. What happened? 

If you use the ‘back’ button to navigate between screens you will likely lose any information you had previously entered that was not saved. Do not click the back button in your browser window in e-snaps, except when you create a pdf report at the end of your APR. Save e ...

 11/29/10 APR  Why are some form fields shaded gray? 

Some fields in e-snaps are shaded gray since they are automatically calculated by e-snaps. There is no need to enter anything in the areas shaded gray.

 11/29/10 APR  Why can’t I click on the ‘Submit’ button? 

All questions must be completed before you can submit your APR in e-snaps. The ‘Last Updated’ column in your Submission Summary will display the dates of completion for each question, and ‘Please Complete’ for missing questions. Once you have completed, reviewed, and sav ...

 11/29/10 APR  How do I print the APR form?  

At any point during the process of completing your APR, you may select the “Export to PDF” function from the left hand menu, which allows you to save the APR as a pdf to your computer. Once you have saved the APR as a pdf, you can print it for your records, or share it w ...

 11/29/10 APR  Can I practice filling out the APR by creating a fake profile? 

No. If you would like to practice filling out the APR, then you can use the “Export to PDF” function to create a hard copy of the APR.

 11/29/10 APR  Why is my grant number different from last year? 

Grants applied for or renewed through e-snaps should have 15 character grant numbers (e.g. ST 000# C 5E 00 08 02), and the last two digits represent the number of times the grant has been renewed. Therefore, these digits change with each renewal. Older grants will only ha ...

 11/29/10 APR  Who do I contact with further questions about e-snaps

There are several options for learning more about e-snaps/APR:

1. You can email the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk: . Please email each question individually.

2. In addition, HUD has several trainings, guidebooks, and resources for the ...

  APR  What is the connection between the new e-snaps APR and HMIS? 

You will generate an APR in your HMIS (or a comparable database), and then enter that data into e-snaps. There is currently not an ability to import data from HMIS into e-snaps.

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Topic: Transition APR (SHP, S+C, and SRO Grantees)
Date Program/System Question Answer
 11/29/10 APR  What is the Transition APR? 

SHP, S+C and SRO grantees with operating years ending between July 1, 2022 and May 31, 2022 are required to complete the Transition APR in e-snaps. The Transition APR only includes those questions that also appeared in the HUD-40118 APR, or that can be completed with exis ...

 11/29/10 APR  Do I have to collect data pursuant to the revised HMIS data standards (March 2010) for persons and households who entered my program before June 1, 2010?  

Programs do not need to retroactively update client-level data that was collected prior to June 1, 2010.

 11/29/10 APR  Where am I supposed to report data on chronic homeless persons in the new APR? 

The new APR does not separately report information on chronic homelessness as the HUD-40118 APR did.

 11/29/10 APR  When filling out many client characteristics in HMIS, we did not collect data last year for ‘number of adults in households without children’, ‘with children and adults’, or ‘with only children,’ – only for persons. How do we report this?  

HUD recognizes that many of the e-snaps APR questions will ask about data you have not yet collected. For the Transition APR, leave these fields blank, and report your data instead in the column ‘Unknown Type.’ The Transition APR guidebook explicitly shows how to map qu ...

 11/29/10 APR  Where do I report on persons who exited a program for public housing, Section 8, a HOME subsidized house, and/or another subsidized house or apartment?  

For the Transition APR, sum these amounts and enter in the field “Permanent: rental by client other ongoing subsidy.”

 11/29/10 APR  Where do I report on persons who exited a program for Shelter Plus Care or other supportive housing? 

For the Transition APR, sum these amounts and enter in the field “Permanent: Supportive Housing for Homeless.”

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Topic: Completing the APR: General Reporting Requirements
Date Program/System Question Answer
 12/1/10 APR  My program began with 100 beds, but 30 were put out of commission during the operating year. How many do I report in my bed inventory?  

The information in question 5 for the Actual Bed and Unit Inventory should reflect the inventory of year-round beds/units reliably available for occupancy on the last day of the project’s operating year. If on the last day of your operating year only 70 beds were availabl ...

 12/1/10 APR  How do I report a fixed number of units if I don’t have such a number? 

On the Transition APR, when reporting actual bed and unit inventory, projects that do not have a fixed number of units may record either the number of facilities operated (e.g. 1 unit = 1 facility) or may use the number of bedrooms (e.g. 5 units = 5 bedrooms) as is approp ...

 12/1/10 APR  My program used 50 beds for chronically homeless persons, but my grant application only designated 30 beds for CH. Which number do I report in Q5 in the Actual Bed and Unit Inventory?  

If you serve a chronically homeless person in a bed that was not identified in your grant application as designated for chronically homeless persons, then do not include that bed in this count. Only consider a bed “chronically homeless” if the bed is specially put aside ...

 12/1/10 APR  I have a client who entered a program before this operating year began. What is her length of program participation?  

Program participation length is calculated based on the duration of a client’s current or most recently completed program enrollment. Count your client’s length of participation from the beginning of his/her stay, even if that stay began during the previous operating year ...

 12/1/10 APR  How do I know which beds are in HMIS? 

A bed is considered covered in HMIS if 1) the project records all universal and applicable program-level data elements on all clients served by that bed, and 2) discloses these data elements to the HMIS Lead Agency at least once annually.

 11/30/10 APR  I have two clients – a father and a daughter who is under 18 – who enrolled in a program, and subsequently the father exited the program. How do I report their household?  

For all questions on the new APR that request information on persons by household type, grantees should report each person in the household configuration of his/her last program stay within the operating year.

In the example provided here, both persons would be repo ...

 11/29/10 APR  One of my clients turned 18 during the program year. Do I report her as a child or adult?  

A person’s age is based on the program entry date closest to the end of the operating year. If a person entered the program prior to the start of the operating year, then person’s age should be based on the first day of the operating year.

 11/29/10 APR  I have a single adult client who entered and exited a program during the operating year. During that same operating year, the single adult client re-entered the same program with his daughter. How will this be reported in the new APR? Will this be a new household when the child joins the father? 

For all questions on the new APR that request information on persons by household type, grantees should report each person in the household configuration of his/her last program stay within the operating year. In the example above, both persons would be reported in the ...

 11/29/10 APR  How do I report a pregnant client?  

The APR places people in household types based on the way that the members overlap within the reporting period.

For a pregnant woman there are three possible ways that she would be counted in the APR, depending on:

• Her age (at the time of program entry clo ...

 11/29/10 APR  I have two clients – a mother and a son who is under 18 – who entered and exited a program. The mother then re-entered the program by herself. How do I report these clients on the new APR?  

The son would be reported as a person in a “Household with at least one Adult and one Child,” but the mother would be reported as a person in a “Household without Children.”

 11/29/10 APR  In question 5, how do I report beds that are not designated exclusively for one type of household? 

The information provided in question 5 for the Actual Bed and Unit Inventory is the number of beds/units reliably ready for occupancy starting on or before the last day of the project’s operating year.

-- If some or all of the beds are not designated exclusively fo ...

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Topic: HPRP Grantees
Date Program/System Question Answer
 12/1/10 APR  Will there be a specific APR created for HPRP programs? If so, when will it be available? 

The new Annual Performance Report (APR) is required for HPRP grantees, and contains several questions that only apply to HPRP grantees. The new APR for HPRP grantees is available in e-snaps. HPRP grantees will have until January 19, 2022 to submit the first APR in e-sna ...

 12/1/10 APR  My program is serving a household with one adult, receiving financial services, and one child, receiving no services. How do I report the persons and household in question 8 on the HPRP APR? 

A person is considered as receiving financial assistance or a service if anyone in the household received the service. This question is intended to describe the number of people benefitting from the service, regardless of who directly participates in the activity. In this ...

 12/1/10 APR  One household received separate legal services three times during the year. Do I count the household or the amount of services? 

Persons/households receiving the same HPRP-funded services (case management, outreach and engagement, housing search and placement, legal services, credit repair, and victim service providers) multiple times will be counted once under each type of service received, each t ...

 12/1/10 APR  A client entered my HPRP program twice – once with a status of literally homeless, and again with a status of stably housed. How do I report him? 

It is possible for a client to show up in the APR as having been served with both Homelessness Prevention and Homeless Assistance. Since the client has two program entry dates during the operating year, as well as a housing status at program entries of literally homeless ...

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Topic: SHP, S+C and SRO Grantees
Date Program/System Question Answer
 12/1/10 APR  What is the operating year of my grant? 

For SHP programs, the operating year is the 12-month period beginning on the Operating Start Date. For new grants without funds for acquisition, construction or rehabilitation, the operating start date is the first day of the month in which the grantee or sponsor begins i ...

 12/1/10 APR  I have an SHP grant. If my operating year ended before July 1, 2010, do I need to submit both a paper APR and an APR in e-snaps

No. CoC projects with operating years ending on or before June 30, 2022 should only submit a paper APR. CoC projects with operating years ending on or after July 1, 2022 are required to submit their APR via e-snaps.

 12/1/10 APR  I have an SHP-SSO Project that does not house clients, but provides, among other services, case management to help homeless clients obtain permanent housing. How do I answer Q3 under Project Information, “What type of grant does this SSO fund”? 

You should identify your project as a SHP-SSO project with a housing goal.

 12/1/10 APR  What does ‘Match’ mean in question 30? 

Match means the cash used to provide the required match level under HUD regulations as was indicated in your Exhibit 2 grant application, your Technical Submission, or your amended budget. If your grant application exceeded the amount of match required for the project, y ...

 12/1/10 APR  5. I received SHP funding for new construction, acquisition, or rehabilitation, and will be operating my facility for 20 years. Do I have to submit an APR every year? 

Yes. Projects that received funding for acquisition, new construction and rehabilitation (e.g. hard costs) are required to maintain the facility as a homeless program for a 20-year period, which is documented by submitting an APR every year.

 12/1/10 APR  I received an extension on my grant. Does that affect my APR?  

You must submit an APR for your operating year within 90 days of the end of the operating year AND you must also submit an APR for the extension period. When you file the extension APR you will indicate on question 3 that this is an “extension.” Additionally, when enter ...

 12/1/10 APR  Do I submit one APR for my grant? 

You must submit an APR for each operating year of your grant. If your grant is only funded for one year, you will only submit one APR. If your grant covers a multi-year period, you will need to submit one APR for each year of the grant.

 12/1/10 APR  I am an SHP grantee, but not an SHP-HMIS grantee (a dedicated HMIS project). However, I allocate a portion of my SHP grant to HMIS activities. Where do I report this in the Financial section of the Transition APR? 

You may report these funds in the row labeled “Other” in question 30a2 of the TAPR, “SHP Expenditures-Supportive Services.”

 12/1/10 APR  In question H2, should my answers be the same in the CoC column and the HMIS implementation column? 

Your answers should be identical only if you have a single CoC HMIS implementation. In a regional or statewide HMIS Implementation, your responses for the CoC column will only pertain to the CoC associated with the HMIS dedicated grant for which you are completing an APR. ...

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Topic: SHP-HMIS Grantees (HMIS Dedicated Projects)
Date Program/System Question Answer
 12/1/10 APR  Are there specific HMIS APR trainings that I should know about? 

HMIS APR-specific training was provided at the HUD conference held in September 2010. The conference materials are available on the HUD HRE website.

 12/1/10 APR  Which CoCs am I reporting about? 

Depending on the question in the HMIS APR that you are responding to, you will be providing information on either:

- The full HMIS implementation (a single CoC, multiple CoC or a statewide HMIS) or

- The CoC that is associated with the SHP-HMIS grant.

P ...

 12/1/10 APR  What is the time frame for the ‘Scope of HMIS Implementation’? 

Report each answer with the information as of the last day of the operating year for the SHP HMIS grant.

 12/1/10 APR  Who are HMIS users? 

For question H2e, all distinct persons who have the ability to log into the HMIS are considered HMIS users as of the end of the operating year. This includes all distinct persons who have the ability to log into the HMIS for system administration, data entry, resource vi ...

 12/1/10 APR  My CoC has a FTE (full-time equivalent) staff with HMIS and non-HMIS duties, and separate FTE staff in an implementation larger than my CoC. How should I report them? 

For FTE staff with both HMIS and non-HMIS duties, include only the FTE allocation associated with the HMIS activities. For staff in an implementation larger than the CoC, include the allocation of staff associated with the particular CoC in the CoC column and a full staf ...

 12/1/10 APR  How do I know if a program is participating with HMIS?  

A program is considered participating if it makes reasonable efforts to record all the universal data elements and all other required data elements as determined by HUD funding requirements on all clients served, and discloses these data elements through agreed upon means ...

 12/1/10 APR  I have a program that provides multiple services, e.g. ES, TH, and PSH. How do I report it in question H3?  

Per the HMIS Data Standards, for purposes of this question, if multiple program types (e.g., emergency shelter and follow-up rental assistance) are offered by an organization, each program type should be set up in the HMIS as a separate program so the clients served by ea ...

 12/1/10 APR  Should I count victim service providers in the total number of programs in the CoC or in the total number of programs participating in HMIS? 

For question H3 on the SHP-HMIS APR, victim service providers should not be counted in the total number of programs in the CoC or the total number of programs participating in HMIS.

However, for question 11c, victim service providers as defined by the Violence Agai ...

 12/1/10 APR  I have a function in my software version, but no one in the CoC uses it. How should I report it? 

In question H4 of the SHP-HMIS APR, this function would be reported as a “Yes” in the column “Does your HMIS support this functionality?” so long as this function is not an “add-on” offered by the vendor, but not purchased for use in the CoC. Additionally, since no one i ...

 12/1/10 APR  How I do know if my CoC uses a data warehouse to generate unduplicated counts? 

A CoC uses a data warehouse for reporting if no single data collection system used by any program houses all the data used for generating unduplicated counts. A CoC that collects all data in a single software product, then extracts data the primary HMIS to another softwar ...

 12/1/10 APR  How do I calculate the missing rate for persons with multiple records during the operating year? 

For residential and supportive services only programs, the missing data rates should be based on persons’ program entry or exit dates closest to the end of the operating year. For outreach programs, the missing data rates should be based on the total clients engaged by th ...

 12/1/10 APR  Do I report on program descriptor elements for only my CoC or for all participating CoCs? 

Report in H11c on the data quality of all program descriptor elements for all homeless system programs within the CoC associated with this HMIS dedicated project.

 12/1/10 APR  When should I count a program as missing information? 

A program is missing information if no inventory information exists, not if some inventory information in that data element record is incomplete.

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