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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration

Find answers to commonly asked questions about:

  • HUD homeless assistance programs and policies, including questions regarding the most recent (2009) CoC NOFA application. (Note: If your grant award is from a previous year, please refer to NOFA FAQs from Previous Grant Years to find the NOFA FAQs that correspond to that grant award.);
  • HOPWA Short-term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance (STRMU) Payments; and
  • Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP);

For information regarding the HRE, visit About the HRE. For HPRP questions not addressed in this section, please visit the HPRP Virtual Help Desk.

If you have a question on a topic other than HPRP that is not addressed in this section, please visit the Contact Us page to obtain contact information for your local HUD Field Office.

You may search the FAQs by program/system, topic, keyword, and date, or browse the FAQs by program/system.

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2010 e-snaps CoC Registration

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Topic: Updating Registration Information from 2009
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  On our 2009 Continuum of Care Application (Exhibit 1) for HUD funding, our CoC Name should be revised. How do we change the CoC name?  

HUD posted the HUD-approved CoC names and numbers as well as a list of each geographical area with its Preliminary Pro-Rata Need amount on and

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 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Where can I find the detailed instructions on how to update or transfer 2009 Registration information into the 2010 Registration form? 

Training for completing the CoC Registration may be found at .

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I have a few questions about creating and assign contacts in e-snaps. They are as follows: 1. The CoC Lead Contact is not changing, but will be assigned to a new agency. Will I be able to import the CoC Registration from 2009 on my existing user id in order to make the necessary updates? 2. The preferred Alternate Contact will be a new employee, who will start entering information into e-snaps at a later date. Can I list that person now as the Alternate, or can the name be changed once the new person is on board? 3. Can a person be listed as the Alternate Contact if s/he does not yet have a user id set up in e-snaps

The CoC lead contact person must be part of the lead agency. The lead agency contact is the person with the legal authority to submit the Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance grant application on behalf of the CoC. The contact person is usually the Executive Director or ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I used the system in 2009 to create projects to submit to the CoC. This year I am in charge of submitting the 2010 CoC information for Exhibit 1 and CoC Registration. When I log on to e-snaps, I cannot see our CoC’s Registration or the import data function to move 2009 information into 2010. What should I do? 

The reason you cannot import 2009 data is because you are not a CoC registrant. Last year, you were an individual project applicant who submitted an Exhibit 2, but you were never a CoC registrant or tied to your CoC’s Exhibit 1. If you belong to the same agency that sub ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I am trying to register my CoC and I have two "projects" listed - besides the 2009 submission. How do I delete one of the "projects"? I guess I entered the name two times and ended up creating two registrations. 

Unfortunately, you cannot delete a project in e-snaps once you set it up. If you open the file for one of the 2009 projects, you should be able to identify which is the correct registration from which to import information into the 2010 Registration. Please review the Co ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Although we completed the registration process in 2009, we do not have the option in this screen to import data.  

Go to to access the e-snaps training site. On the training site, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to complete CoC Registration i ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I recently submitted my Grant Inventory Worksheet to the local HUD field office, but I have not received any directions or instructions on how to begin the 2010 CoC Registration process. What is the next step? Should I receive some type of email prompt from HUD? 

You may begin your CoC registration in e-snaps while you are coordinating with your Field Office on the GIW; however, you will not be able to attach your 2010 GIW and enter your HHN amount until after it has been finalized with the local HUD Field Office. All registration ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  According to the CoC Registration Webcast and the online training module, the CoC lead contact should also be the profile registrant. Last year, the grant writer was the profile registrant. How do I change my profile registrant? 

The lead agency contact is the person with the legal authority to submit the Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance grant application on behalf of the CoC. The contact person is usually the Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CoC Lead Agency, but is ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  The email address that I registered with in 2009 has changed. How can I access e-snaps

Please have the Lead Agency contact change the email address by editing the “My Profile” information in e-snaps. Click on “Profile” on the left menu bar to locate “My Profile.” Note: When there is information changed under “My Profile,” please ensure that all correspondin ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Do users from 2008 or 2009 competition have to create a profile again for the 2010 application? 

No, you will not have to create a new profile. You can access your 2008 or 2009 profile and make any necessary edits using your user name and password from last year. CoCs that did not register in 2009 will not have any data to import in the 2010 CoC Registration.

S ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  In 2010, our lead agency changed its name. How do we change the name in e-snaps

For CoC registration you will need to edit your lead agency information on the “CoC Lead Agency” form.

[Note: If you are also an applicant for project funds and your Authorized Representative is changing as well, you will have to edit your SF-424 attached to your ...

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Is the registration process for 2010 different than the process was in 2009? 

The 2010 Registration process is very similar to the 2009 process. In 2010, CoCs that applied for funds in 2009 will only have to update registration information in e-snaps. CoCs will receive confirmation from HUD concerning claimed geography, and PPRN and HHN amounts. Co ...

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  When registering, I forgot to select one of the geographic areas for which my CoC is responsible. Can it be added back in once I complete the CoC registration process? 

Yes, as long as that geographic area is not being claimed by another CoC, HUD can add the omitted geographical area. The CoC must immediately notify its local HUD field office before HUD makes its final approval in e-snaps.

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Topic: Creating User Profiles
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  For 2010, our CoC will likely add a new county that has not previously been part of any CoC. Thus, I expect the name of our CoC to change to reflect the additional county. What should we do? 

During CoC Registration, you should move the new county to “Selected Items” box of the appropriate form. HUD will review your registration once it has been submitted and will change your CoC’s name as necessary.

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  The lead agency of my CoC told me I do not have to register using e-snaps right now. Can you clarify for me? 

Because you are not the lead agency for your CoC you do not need to register at this time. You will be required to apply in e-snaps when the 2010 CoC application opens if you will be submitting an application for a project in 2010.

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  What exactly is the purpose of CoC registration? 

For information on the 2010 CoC Registration process, please go to . If you are a CoC, you need to begin your CoC Registration in e-sna ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Who and how does my profile get connected to our CoC’s 2009 application to bring everything forward so I can complete the CoC Registration for 2010? Please advise.  

In order to substitute the new information for the old contact information, please do the following: Prepare a letter for signature by your organization's chairman of the board of directors or other organizational head explaining the need for the contact to be substituted ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  A different person in my CoC registered in e-snaps on behalf of our CoC. However, I need to be able to access the 2010 Registration and at this time, it appears that I have not been added as a user and we cannot figure out how to do it. Can you advise? 

The person who registered the CoC will need to add you as a user to the CoC’s Registration. Information on how to add and delete users can be found on the HRE in the Reference Room on the e-snaps training page at

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 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I represent a newly formed CoC. What do I need to do to be able to register the CoC in e-snaps

New CoCs, or CoCs that don’t have a HUD-defined name must contact their Field Offices. The Field Office will let you know when you can register the CoC in e-snaps.

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  What is the CoC registration process and what does it establish? 

The CoC process is the initial step in the electronic application process during which time a CoC claims geography, submits the CoC's SHP and S+C grant inventory worksheets, enters the Hold Harmless Need amount, and appoints a CoC Lead Agency that will be responsible for ...

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Topic: Establishing CoC Contacts
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  How do I establish a different CoC contact from 2009?  

You will be able to establish a CoC contact once you get into e-snaps and prepare your CoC Registration. You will be able to import all of the 2009 information into your 2010 Registration, and then you can edit what you have imported, including your contact information. ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I would like to request a CoC number, e-snaps applicant name, and e-snaps applicant number to complete the online application. I already created a profile on e-snaps, but I could not continue because my organization does not have an assigned CoC name and number yet by HUD office. 

If you are trying to create a new CoC, you must get this information from your local HUD Field Office before you attempt to register. If you are not an established CoC with a CoC number and established geographic boundaries, you may not register as a CoC in e-snaps. If ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  What do I need to do to obtain funding information and start a program to provide services to the homeless? 

Organizations seeking to provide services the homeless should contact their Continuum of Care to learn more about potential funding opportunities. Continuums of Care (CoCs) are consortia of housing and service providers that assist homeless individuals, families, and comm ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Although we have submitted our CoC Registration, we recognized that we didn't change our representative’s title in several places on the application. Is it possible for us to make those changes before the final submission? Please advise. 

After registration is submitted you cannot make the change. Please provide the information directly to the HUD Virtual HelpDesk and HUD Headquarters will enter the information manually into e-snaps.

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  How do I revise the CoC Point of Contact list for our jurisdiction? We have names of people no longer involved in the CoC. We also need to add new names. 

If the CoC has not already submitted the 2010 CoC registration it should make the appropriate changes on the point(s) of contact form.

If the CoC already submitted its registration with the incorrect/obsolete contacts, you must send the corrected data to the Help De ...

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Topic: Funding Opportunity Registrations
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I cannot figure out how to register my CoC for 2010. What should I do? 

Please review the CoC Registration training module. It provides step-by-step guidance on the CoC Registration process and can be found at .

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I am trying to register our CoC in e-snaps. I moved our applicant over on the “Funding Opportunities Registrations” page, but it does not appear on the “Submissions” page. What do I do? 

You will need to set up your project (i.e., CoC Registration) on the “Projects” page. On the “Projects” page, select “CoC Registration FY 2010 from the “Funding Opportunity Name” dropdown. Then you will be able to click on the add an applicant icon and add your registrati ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  For CoC Registration, when you go into 'Funding Opportunity Registrations' the instructions say to click on the magnifying glass next to our Registration to “Register Applicant for Funding Opportunity.” Last year we had 3 grantees (applicants) for our CoC. Currently all 3 grantees/applicants show up as a choice to move into the “Registered Applicants” box from the “Non Registered Applicants” box. Which applicant/grantee should we place in the “Registered Applicants” box? 

You should select only the projects which you wish to pull forward into 2010. The system has been designed to allow you to import information from your 2009 application (if you registered in 2009) into your 2010 application so that minimal re-entry of information is requi ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Where is the CoC registration confirmation summary sheet located in the e-snaps system so we can confirm the correctness of the information and complete the registration? 

The CoC Registration confirmation summary sheet will not appear in e-snaps until HUD has completed its review of your CoC’s registration. Once HUD has completed its review, the form will be available from “Submissions” located on your left menu bar. You will have to submi ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  The CoC 2010 registration does not appear under the Projects screen so that I am unable to add it as a project. 

On the “projects” form, you should have your “Project Status” filter set to “open projects” and your “Funding Opportunity Name” filter set to “CoC Registration FY 2010.” Once your filters are appropriately set you will be able to add a new registration project by clicki ...

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Topic: Pro Rata Need (PPRN, HHN or FPRN)
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  When will I hear back from HUD regarding my disagreement with the HHN amount assigned to this CoC? I selected "no" on the registration drop down box next to the question about whether I agreed with the HHN amount and entered a detailed description of the problem. Since registration is to close on June 4, 2010, this issue needs to be resolved immediately.  

As you stated in your question, the CoC has disputed its HHN amount. HUD is completing secondary review process shortly. Once HUD completes that review, CoC will need to submit their Final Registration Summaries.

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Are S+C Renewal projects part of our pro-rata share? 

A CoC's Final Pro Rata Need (FPRN) does not include S+C renewals since these are funded outside of the competitive ranking process, as directed by the appropriations act.

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  How is Final Pro Rata Need calculated? 

If your Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN) is higher than your Hold Harmless Need (HHN) amount, then Final Pro Rata Need (FPRN) is based on the PPRN Amount. If your HHN is higher than your PPRN, then the FPRN is based on the HHN amount. The Permanent Housing (PH) bonus is n ...

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  You said the maximum amount of funding that a CoC can request is the PPRN or the HHN, whichever is greater. Does this mean that the Permanent Housing amount is no longer a "bonus" above the HHN amount, and must be included within the limit? 

No. The Permanent Housing Bonus is separate from PPRN and HHN. HHN refers to the relative calculation of homeless assistance need but the calculation of this need is based on the total amount of funding needed to fund, one year SHP grants that are eligible for renewal in ...

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Why is my Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN) amount not what I expected? 

The PPRN is calculated on the amount of funds a CoC would receive based upon the dollar amounts associated with the geography that HUD certifies as belonging to that CoC. The first step is to ensure that you have correctly selected all the geographies within your CoC. For ...

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Topic: Renewals
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I am trying to renew our registration. How do I do this? 

You need to begin your CoC Registration in e-snaps while you are coordinating with your local HUD Field Office on the grant inventory worksheet (GIW). Go to http://esnaps.hud ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Do all individual project applicants need to register in e-naps before June 4, 2010, or just the CoC lead agencies? 

No, the CoC Registration process is ONLY for CoC lead agencies. Project applicants should not be accessing e-snaps at this time. Sometime after the CoC Registration process closes on 06/04/10, HUD will release further information and provide instructions to project appli ...

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Topic: Submitting Registration to HUD
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  How can we check to see if we have already submitted our 2010 CoC Registration? 

You can check to see if you have submitted your 2010 CoC registration by going to the “SubmissionSummary” page. That page will confirm whether you have already submitted the 2010 CoC registration.

Be sure to visit the e-snaps Training and Resources page on the HRE ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  When will the CoC application (Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2) be available? 

At this time, we do not have a date for the opening of the CoC competition. HUD will distribute a listserv message on the Homeless and HMIS Listservs when the CoC NOFA and application become available. To sig’n up for the listserv, go to

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 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  The primary contact is out on leave and will be unable to submit the registration information. What should we do? 

Per the CoC Registration Notice, all CoCs are required to have two Lead Agency contacts. In the system one should be listed as the primary and one as the alternate contact. Both persons should have the legal authority to submit the CoC Registration on behalf of the CoC Le ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  I received “there is an error in the system and the system administrator has been sent a message.” What should I do? 

When you receive the system error, you need to completely close out of e-snaps and your web browser. Then go back into your browser and go back into e-snaps. Sometimes you need to do this several times before you get in. If you continue to experience the problem, please ...

 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  If I agree with HUD’s assessment of my CoC’s HHN and geography, what are my next steps? 

If you agree with HUD’s assessment of you CoCs geography and HHN select “yes” in the dropdown menu that reads “CoC agrees with Hold Harmless Need (HHN) amount assessed” and the “CoC agrees with geographical areas as assessed by HUD” on the “Review Registration” icon then ...

 5/3/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Will future communications after the completion of the HHN confirmation step be sent only to the Lead or will they also go to the other users registered for that CoC? 

All communication regarding the CoC Registration submission, and the Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 application submissions will be sent to the lead CoC representative ONLY.

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Topic: Updating and Adding Registrants
Date Program/System Question Answer
 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  How do I update the e-mail addresses for the Points of Contact in my CoC registration submission. 

Information on entering and changing information on the CoC Contact List and CoC Point of Contact pages within CoC Registration is in CoC Registration Training module, which can be accessed online:

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 5/18/10 2010 e-snaps CoC Registration  Where can I find information regarding CoC Registration? 

You can find the Registration NOFA, HUD webcasts, training materials and FAQs at For information on how to complete CoC registration in e-snaps ...

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