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Are the fields on the Project Participants forms in the Exhibit 2 application intended to reflect a snapshot of the number of persons currently in the project, the expected number of persons to be served in the coming year, or the same number of persons indicated in the original application?


On the 'Project Participants' forms in the Exhibit 2 application, you will need to estimate the maximum number of households and participants in each subpopulation (chronically homeless, veterans, domestic violence, severely mentally ill, persons with HIV/AIDS, and chronic substance abuse) that the applicant expects to serve, based on maximum capacity on any given day. The estimated number of households and participants that can be served on any given day will not necessarily match the actual numbers that have been served. Actual numbers must be reported in the project's Annual Progress Report (APR). If the applicant has already submitted an APR, it should use those APR numbers to help estimate the numbers reported on the Project Participants forms in the Exhibit 2 application.

Additional guidance is available in the Exhibit 2 training modules available online at

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