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Per the FAQs, a written lease or documentation establishing tenancy must be in place to pay rental assistance for a household using HPRP funds. Is a written lease required in order to provide legal services?


HPRP funds can be used to provide legal services only to assist an eligible household to remain in their housing. In such cases a written lease is not required—but other written evidence of a valid pre-existing tenancy must be in the case files. For example, if there is an oral lease agreement in place, court documents could serve to document the household's tenancy; similarly, a case manager could review a landlord's rent ledger to confirm the amount of rent and terms of the oral lease agreement and make a note in the case file as documentation of tenancy. Please note that the same level of documentation of eligibility to receive HPRP assistance (the income and 'but for' criteria) is required no matter whether financial assistance or housing relocation and stabilization services are provided.

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