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 Event Type – Deadline

CoC APR Deadline


Start: 11/30/2011
End: 11/30/2011

Event Host

HUD's Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs


To minimize the potential impact on e-snaps performance during the remainder of FY2011 CoC Competition, SNAPS is granting an extension for APR submissions to each of the 1,713 grantees with APRs due in September and October 2011 to November 30th. This automatic extension does not apply to grantees with APRs due after October 31, 2011. This extension will allow each of the affected grantees to continue drawing funds from LOCCS in October and November. Field office staff have been advised of this automatic extension. Affected grantees with questions or concerns should contact their field office. SNAPS and its IT contractors are currently revising the CoC APR for release after the FY2011 CoC competition closes. The revised CoC APR will be split into three parts: General (all grantees complete), HMIS (only completed by grantees with dedicated HMIS grants) and domestic violence victim (only completed by grantees serving victims of domestic violence).