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PIT Data Reporting in HDX BeginsSheltered Count Required Unsheltered Count Voluntary


Start: 04/02/2022
End: 04/02/2022


The Point-in-Time Count provides a count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons from either the last biennial count or a more recent annual count. Counts are based on:

1.Number of persons in households without children;

2.Number of persons in households with at least one adult and one child; and

3.Number of persons in households with only children. This includes only persons age 17 or under, including unaccompanied children, adolescent parents and their children, adolescent siblings, or other household configurations composed only of children.

Counts are further broken down into subpopulation categories including counts of persons who are chronically homeless, persons with severe mental illness, chronic substance abusers, veterans, persons with HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence and unaccompanied children.