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The 2012 Continuum of Care (CoC) Check-up


Start: 06/30/2012
End: 06/30/2012


The 2012 Continuum of Care (CoC) Check-up will be concluding on June 30, 2012.

The CoC Check-up is fundamentally a self-improvement process for CoCs. HUD is hopeful that the CoC “HEARTH-Readiness” Check-up is providing CoCs with useful and timely information to improve capacity and performance.

HUD staff will not have access to individual CoC stakeholder surveys, aggregated stakeholder results or final self-ratings for any individual CoC. However, please be aware that moving forward HUD will only approve technical assistance for CoCs that have completed a Check-up.

Completing the CoC Check-up

Final Self Rating: While reviewing the self-assessment survey and HDX data with community stakeholders, CoC Leads (and the CoC primary decision-making group) should determine for each indicator whether the average rating among stakeholders most accurately represents the CoC's capacity for functioning (or if a different, adjusted rating is more accurate). The CoC Check-up Self-Assessment tool allows CoC Leads to enter a final CoC self-rating for each indicator that most accurately reflects the CoC's current self-rating for each indicator.

To complete the final self-rating, CoC Leads should:

• Login to the CoC Lead Portal

• Select "Final CoC Self-Rating," and

• Complete and submit the final self-assessment survey (identical to original CoC Lead survey)