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Contact Us

Review the options below and choose the most appropriate contact form or directory.

  • Looking for Homeless Assistance?

    If you are homeless, help is available. HUD, along with many other Federal agencies, funds programs to help persons who are homeless. Local homeless assistance agencies provide a range of services including shelter, food, housing counseling, and job skills programs.
  • HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk

    If you are a HUD grantee and have a question (that is not addressed by the FAQs) about a particular HUD homeless assistance program and topic listed on the Help Desk form, please submit your question via the Virtual Help Desk.  If your question does not correspond to a program and topic listed please direct your question to your local HUD field office.
  • Local HUD Office

    If you’re a HUD grantee and would like to contact your local HUD Field Office, use the field office directory to obtain contact information.
  • HRE General Feedback/Questions or Resource Recommendations

    HUD's HRE is a dynamic site, changing to respond to the needs of users. Please send us your questions or suggestions about the functionality of the HRE Website or about the accessibility or usefulness of any of the resources or products listed on this site by completing the Web form.