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CoC Grant Application Materials

The links below lead to the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for Continuum of Care (CoC) Homeless Assistance Programs for the current year and previous years.


The CoC NOFA is an annual application process. Potential grantees should check with their local Continuum of Care to discuss the application process and funding opportunities. To find the Continuum of Care organization in your area, please visit the Continuum of Care Contacts page.

2009 CoC Homeless Competition

HUD's FY 2009 NOFA; Notice of Policy Requirements and General Section was released on December 28, 2008. This notice provides prospective applicants for HUD's competitive funding with the opportunity to become familiar with the General Section of HUD's FY2009 NOFAs in advance of publication of any program-specific FY2009 NOFAs. This year, HUD plans to publish its NOFAs as they are approved for publication and not in a combined SuperNOFA.

The CoC application is submitted through e-snaps – HUD's online grant application system. Instructions for using e-snaps will be contained in the NOFA for the Continuum of Care program. Notification of the availability of the CoC NOFA and FY2009 application through e-snaps and other information will become available on the HRE as they are released. However, currently, you may review available resources concerning e-snaps on the e-snaps Training and Resources page.

2008 CoC Debriefing Broadcast (April 22, 2022)

HUD held a satellite broadcast on Wednesday, April 22, 2022 to provide CoCs with an overview of the 2008 CoC Homeless Assistance Programs competition, to help improve understanding of the scoring process, and to highlight common errors and omissions made by applicants. You may view the 2008 summary report, the presentation slides, and the recorded webcast from the links below:

To access a previous year's SuperNOFA, please click on the applicable link:

NOTE: If you are looking for CoC maps, CoC contacts, homelessness reports, housing inventories, or recent CoC or ESG awards, visit the CoC Maps, Contacts, Reports, and Awards section.

For information on applying for HOPWA funds, please review the formula and competitive HOPWA grant sections on the HRE.

HUD HRE Virtual Helpdesk

Do you have a question (not addressed by available FAQs) regarding the e-snaps or CoC NOFA and Programs? To submit a new question to the HUD HRE Virtual Helpdesk, please click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Do you want to track a question that was previously submitted, provide clarification to your question, or ask a follow-up question? Type in your confirmation key and click on the "Go" button. (You should have received the confirmation key in the confirmation e-mail right after you submitted the question). This will enable both you and the HUD HRE Virtual Helpdesk personnel to access your original question and answer.


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