CoC Education Rights Coordination

The 2006 Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Programs application requires Continuums to assess its local homeless system's overall strategic planning and coordination efforts.

The following two documents are provided to assist with this effort:

  1. A letter detailing HUD's expectations regarding Exhibit 1, Chart P: CoC Coordination Chart, specifically the question requesting COCs to provide their State Education Agencies (SEA) with a facilities list, and
  2. A national list of all of the State Education Agencies, organized by States.

In order for a Continuum to answer the "Coordination with SEA" question in the affirmative, HUD expects that a Continuum will have sent its list of all homeless facilities in the Continuum serving children (as defined in the letter) to the appropriate State Education Agency before the CoC application deadline date of May 25.

Additional activities, such as ordering materials from the websites listed, sending the list to local school system(s) or actual use of training materials may be part of future implementation strategies which we would highly encourage.

If you have any questions, you may contact Robyn Raysor, Deputy Director of SNAPS at (202) 708-2140 ext 4891.