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The CoC Check-up is officially closed.

HUD has released the "Continuum of Care Check-up: 2012 Participation Summary" resource. View this one-page summary document here.

For the results of your local Continuum's Check-up, contact your local CoC lead. Please submit questions about the design of the CoC Check-up process via the HUDHRE Virtual Help Desk.

What is the CoC Check-up?

HUD designed the CoC Check-up to help Continuums determine the degree to which they are prepared for the implementation of the new Continuum of Care Program and other HEARTH programs. The Check-up includes a self-administered online survey of major stakeholders, a process to review existing local data on homelessness, the development of a "HEARTH-readiness" rating, and a community plan to address HEARTH "readiness" issues.

What does the CoC Check-up Measure?

Using data from the CoC Self-Assessment, a self-administered online survey, the Check-up is an opportunity for CoCs to measure functionality across a wide cross-section of CoC accountabilities organized into the following four domains:

  • CoC Governance and Structure;
  • CoC Plan and Planning Process;
  • CoC Infrastructure and Administrative Capacity; and
  • CoC Housing and Services.

Which CoC Stakeholders participated?

CoC Leads were responsible for recruiting participants, and invited up to nineteen, but no less than five respondents from the following five key stakeholder groups:

  1. HMIS Lead Agency
  2. Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program/Emergency Solutions Grants Program Grantees
  3. CoC Providers
  4. CoC Consumers
  5. Other CoC Stakeholders

HUD encouraged Continuums to select a diverse and experienced group of stakeholders to join the CoC Lead in completing the CoC Self-Assessment.

When will CoC Assessment Reports be available?

Aggregate reports are available to CoC Leads through the CoC Lead portal.

Additional Materials

HUD made the following materials available for Continuums to complete the Check-up process:

If you have any additional questions regarding the CoC Check-up process please submit them to the Virtual Help Desk. Select "CoC Check-up" as your Topic.

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