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Resources by Topic: Recordkeeping and Monitoring

Products designed to help monitor program performance and compliance with Federal regulations, including proper documentation of beneficiary eligibility, activity eligibility, and other program-specific requirements.

  Resource Title Date Completed Abstract
HUD icon HUD Form 40118: Annual Progress Report (APR) Sep 2009 The Annual Progress Report (APR) tracks program progress and accomplishments in the Department´┐Żs competitive homeless assistance programs. Grant recipients for the Supportive....  More
HUD icon HMIS.Info has been developed by HUD's National HMIS Technical Assistance Initiative as a central location for communities to obtain current information, publications, and HUD....  More
HUD icon HUD Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) The Homelessness Data Exchange is an on-line tool designed to allow Homeless Continuums of Care to submit data to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the....  More
HUD icon e-snaps HPRP APR Guidebook Dec 2010 The e-snaps HPRP APR Guidebook is intended to assist with data entry into e-snaps for HPRP grants. It provides context about the APR, instructions for logging in and accessing....  More
HUD icon Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) 101 Presentation Slides Oct 2010 This presentation is intended for grantees seeking general information and guidance on how to complete the AHAR. It provides information about HMIS/AHAR reporting requirements....  More
HUD icon HPRP APR Questions Template Sep 2010 The HPRP APR Questions Template document is a template designed to assist grantees required to complete the HPRP APR. It is a model of the data collected in e-snaps. It is not....  More
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HUD icon CoC APR Programming Specifications Sep 2010 This document is intended to support and guide HMIS software providers as they embark on generating the HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) for homeless programs.   More
HUD icon HPRP APR Programming Specifications Sep 2010 The HPRP APR Programming Specifications are meant to convey the business rules required to create the HPRP APR. It is a companion document to the full CoC APR Programming Spec....  More
HUD icon The Transition Annual Performance Report (TAPR) Sep 2010 This tutorial is designed for grantees required to submit the Transition APR. Completion of the Transition APR is limited to those with projects funded by SHP, Shelter Plus Ca....  More
HUD icon Data Quality Monitoring Tool Aug 2010 This tool is to be used with the following toolkit: For Continuums of Care (CoC) to have reliable data for analysis....  More
HUD icon From Intake to Analysis: A Toolkit for Developing a Continuum of Care Data Quality Plan Aug 2010 This toolkit is to be used with the following data tool: This document provides Continuums of Care (CoCs),....  More
HUD icon HOPWA Grantee Oversight Resource Guide (Updated August 2010) Aug 2010 The HOPWA Grantee Oversight Guide provides HOPWA formula and competitive grantees with detailed guidance in fulfilling HOPWA grants management responsibilities regarding the o....  More
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HUD icon APR 101: Introduction to the New Annual Performance Report (APR) Jul 2010 The new APR will replace the paper-based HUD-40118 form, for projects funded with Supportive Housing Program (SHP), Shelter Plus Care, and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation SR....  More
HUD icon e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects Jul 2010 The e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects is intended to assist with the data entry into e-snaps for HMIS dedicated projects funded under the Supportive Housing Pr....  More
HUD icon e-snaps Transition APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs Jul 2010 The e-snaps Transition APR Guidebook for CoC Grant-Funded Programs is intended to assist with the data entry into e-snaps for all Supportive Housing Program (SHP), Shelter Plu....  More
HUD icon CPD Monitoring Handbook - All chapters Apr 2010 This handbook is intended for grantees and service providers seeking guidance on HUD program monitoring. The Handbook establishes standards and provides guidance for monitorin....  More
HUD icon CPD Monitoring Handbook - Chapter 8: Economic Recovery Programs Apr 2010 This document is intended for grantees and service providers seeking guidance on HUD program monitoring. This document is "Chapter 8- Economic Recovery Programs" of the Commun....  More
HUD icon Staff Certification of Eligibility for HPRP Assistance Mar 2010 This Staff Certification serves as documentation that the HPRP household named below meets all eligibility criteria for HPRP assistance, certifies that true and complete infor....  More
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HUD icon Final HMIS Data Standards - March 2010 Mar 2010 This Notice revises the Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) Data and Technical Standards Final Notice (69 FR 146, July 30, 2022). The Notice adds a new set of Progr....  More
HUD icon Homeless Management information Systems (HMIS) Self Assessment Tool Sep 2008 The HMIS Self-Assessment Tool is a self-administered tool designed to assist communities with assessing their HMIS operations, management, compliance, and relative health and....  More
HUD icon CPD Monitoring Guide: HOPWA Mar 2008 This HUD issuance provides information on monitoring the HOPWA program. It is divided into the following five sections: Applicability, HOPWA's Formula and Competitive Structu....  More
Peer-to-Peer icon Georgia Housing Support Standards Jan 2008 This manual lays out the standards established by the State of Georgia for providers receiving state funding for homelessness prevention and homeless assistance. It was estab....  More
HUD icon CPD Risk Assessment Oct 2006 The purpose of this Notice is to provide a consistent methodology for conducting risk analyses for Community Planning and Development (CPD) formula and competitive grantees an....  More
HUD icon CPD Grantee Monitoring Handbook Sep 2005 Monitoring is an integral management control technique and a Government Accountability Office (GAO) standard. It is an ongoing process that assesses the quality of a program p....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Development and Management: Financial Management and HUD Compliance (Curriculum and Handouts) Jan 2003 This six-hour training curriculum is intended for those training nonprofit program staff and financial managers in financial management and supportive-housing project operatio....  More
HUD icon Supportive Housing Program (SHP) Self-Monitoring Tools Jan 2003 This tool is intended for Supportive Housing Program (SHP) sponsors and grantees seeking user-friendly forms to assess their project operations for compliance with HUD rules a....  More
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