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New Searchable Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles related to HIV/AIDS and Housing

This database of over 300 recent articles can be searched by key word and filtered by Topic, Population and/or Region. Search results can be ordered by title, first author and year of publication. Details for each article include: abstract, full citation and web links to the full text for articles available open source. Click here to access the database.

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HOPWA Oversight and Monitoring Guide

Close and ongoing collaboration between HOPWA grantees and their project sponsors is an important part of the HOPWA program's success. Working together, grantees and sponsors make sure that recipient households receive high-quality and well-managed housing resources that are also compliant with federal regulations. An important part of this is the grant oversight and monitoring process.

While HUD Field Office Staff are responsible for monitoring grantees, grantees are responsible for monitoring their project sponsors and subrecipients. The HOPWA program allows for a variety of eligible activities but this can present challenges to grantees and sponsors both. To help grantees fulfill their monitoring obligations, and to ensure project sponsors understand the standards against which they are being monitored, HUD's Office of HIV/AIDS Housing recently issued the HOPWA Grantee Oversight Resource Guide.

The HOPWA Grantee Oversight Guide provides HOPWA formula and competitive grantees with detailed guidance in fulfilling HOPWA grants management responsibilities regarding the oversight of project sponsors. This guidance is a tool to be used by grantees in navigating the grants management responsibilities to achieve the HOPWA program's housing stability performance outcome measures of maintaining stable housing arrangements, reducing risks of homelessness, and improving access to care. Each of the appendices and checklists, including a rent calculation worksheet, that appear in this publication are also available to download.

Download the full guide:

Download the guide's appendices and checklists: