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New Searchable Bibliography of Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles related to HIV/AIDS and Housing

This database of over 300 recent articles can be searched by key word and filtered by Topic, Population and/or Region. Search results can be ordered by title, first author and year of publication. Details for each article include: abstract, full citation and web links to the full text for articles available open source. Click here to access the database.

HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training

Welcome to the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training. This is your virtual gateway to help you acquire the knowledge and practical tools needed to implement effective financial management as a part of your daily routine. Select the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training link below to access it. It is available to you anytime; from anywhere that you have access to the HUDHRE.info site, and you may proceed at your own pace. To begin, be sure to do the following:

  • Once you have self-registered as a "New User" (if this is your first time ever entering the site)/logged into and entered this area, view the Navigation Tutorial to learn how to interact with this training and troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • After reading and closing this tutorial, be sure to have the volume of your computer's speakers turned on and view the Introduction by selecting the Forward arrow (forward arrow) on the main content screen/under the displayed photo.
  • Then, select the Your Progress button located in the upper right corner of the training screen to view the modules you must complete.
  • Note that you may view the Navigation Tutorial at anytime by selecting the Help button in the upper right corner of the training screen.

Select the following link to begin: HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training

Additional Notes:

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Individuals with Passing Scores

The chart below displays the individuals who have passed the HUD HOPWA Financial Management Online Training by state.*

California Markus Singleton Other
Iowa Carolyn McIntyre HOPWA Project Sponsor
New York Ashley Dailey HOPWA Grantee
Dave Magno HOPWA Grantee
Wendy Riley HOPWA Grantee
Robert Shiau HOPWA Grantee
Joseph Opoku Other
Pennsylvania Jennifer Butters HOPWA Grantee
Diane Doland HOPWA Grantee
Amy Harada HOPWA Grantee
Ellen Parmenteri HOPWA Grantee
Kristie Rhoades HOPWA Grantee
Rebecca Schrope HOPWA Grantee
Joanne Valentino HOPWA Grantee
Barbara Criss HOPWA Project Sponsor
Kim Jenkins HOPWA Project Sponsor
Elidoro Primero HOPWA Project Sponsor
Carolyn Bazik Other
Philip Goropoulos Other
Diane Morrow Other
Marsha Shisman Other
Ken Zula Other
Texas Royce Adams HOPWA Grantee
Diana Burns HOPWA Grantee
Beverly Coulter HOPWA Grantee
Kristi Dance HOPWA Grantee
Lori Davidson HOPWA Grantee
Melissa Grove HOPWA Grantee
Mike Anderson HOPWA Project Sponsor
Amanda Calzada HOPWA Project Sponsor
Nancy Gaugler HOPWA Project Sponsor
Charletta Moaning HOPWA Project Sponsor
Mitos Llauder Other
Virginia Mary Potter HOPWA Grantee
Fran Lavin HOPWA Grantee
West Virginia Shanequa Smith HOPWA Grantee
Cheryl Moyer HOPWA Project Sponsor
Sharon Wood HOPWA Project Sponsor

*Data current as of September 8, 2022