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Reporting Requirements for HOPWA Competitive Grantees

All HOPWA Competitive Program grantees must submit an Annual Progress Report (APR) to provide HUD with information on the use of program funds and program accomplishments. The APR is designed as a management tool to assist area efforts in evaluating program performance, including the performance of project sponsors and contracted service providers, in identifying recommendations for program improvements, and in setting future objectives for the community efforts. This page provides detailed information about the APR and reporting requirements for HOPWA Competitive Program grantees.

APR Submission
Logic Models
Reporting on Capital Development Activities

APR Submission

The APR must be used for any HOPWA Competitive Program grants that have been awarded. If a program operates with project sponsors or contracted service providers, the recipients should also use the APR for reporting to the grantee on their program activities as a sponsor. However, the grantee should consolidate sponsor and provider information in one report; the grantee's APR should be the only report filed directly with HUD.

Information collected and reported in the APR should represent the activities that were carried out with HOPWA funds during the grantee's operating year, regardless of the year of the grant award. For competitive grants, a report should be made for each competitive grant separately, except where an award was made for an extension of four months or less, with that data added to the prior year of the competitive grant. If the grantee is a recipient of more than one competitively-awarded grant and the grant applications proposed different activities, grantees should report on activities undertaken during the operating year and use a separate report for each competitive grant awarded. Information should not be combined with any data that would be reported by the HOPWA Formula Program grantee.

As applicable, a grantee must submit a completed APR to HUD within 90 days after the end of each operating year. After the area HUD Office has received and reviewed an APR, the grantee may be contacted regarding the information presented and may be asked to submit additional or corrective information. Failure to submit an APR may affect the receipt of future competitively awarded grant funds and may result in corrective action. The APR form (Form HUD-40110-C) can be downloaded via the HRE.

Logic Models

All HOPWA Competitive Program grantees must complete and attach an updated Logic Model with their APR. The project's updated logic model should illustrate how the grantee's planned activities resulted in outputs for that year and any client outcomes during the last operating year. Grantees should demonstrate the following through the use of their logic model:

  • The housing benefits or outcomes of the program, including achievement of benchmarks and output indicators.
  • Their evaluation plan or method for collecting data on HUD program measures and to what degree they followed it.
  • How the grantee established a baseline for client outcomes.

Stewardship Reporting on Capital Development Activities

Capital Development Activities

10 Year Use Period
Substantial Rehabilitation
New Construction

3 year Use Period
Non-substantial Rehabilitation

For programs involving the use of HOPWA funds for new construction, acquisition, or for substantial rehabilitation of a building or structure, a grantee is required to operate the facility or structure to benefit HOPWA eligible persons for a minimum of ten years, although funds must be expended within three years from the date of grant agreement. An APR must be submitted for each operating year during which HOPWA funds are expended. However, HUD may request information on the continued use of the building or structure for any year during the ten-year use period, even if no additional funds were available.

Also, for programs involving the use of HOPWA funds for non-substantial rehabilitation or repair of a building or structure, the requirement to operate the facility extends for three years. Again, an APR must be submitted for each operating year during which funds are expended, and HUD may request additional information.