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HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk

Welcome to the HUD HRE Virtual Help Desk. Review the Help Desk form for the list of HUD programs and topics the Help Desk is currently accepting questions on.

Do you want to track a question that was previously submitted, provide clarification to your question, or ask a follow-up question? Enter your confirmation key in the field below and select the "Go" button. (You should have received the confirmation key in the confirmation e-mail right after you submitted the question). This will enable both you and Virtual Helpdesk staff to access your original question and answer.



  • On the form below you must select the "Program / System" option first before entering information in the remainder of the form. If you select the "Program / System" option after entering text, the form will reset and you may lose what you entered.
  • If you need help in completing this form, visit our Help document (PDF).


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