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The CoC Competition Training and Resources page provides links to the e-snaps login page and the e-snaps training site. This page also houses information about the current CoC Competition and provides archived records for previous fiscal year competitions.

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FY2012 Competition Issuances and Guidance

This page contains official HUD releases related to the FY2012 CoC Program Competition. The resources provided include essential information related to the application. To view the different types of HUD resources, select the appropriate link below or scroll through this page.




Funding Opportunity Number:


Opportunity Title:

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Continuum of Care Program Competition

Competition ID:

CoC- 41

Close Date:

January 18, 2022


View recordings of webinars related to the FY2012 CoC Program Competition under the "Continuum of Care (CoC) Program" heading on the HUD HRE Learning Center.

FY2012 CoC Registration Webcast

HUD held the following satellite webcast on September 6, 2012, to describe the FY2012 CoC Program Registration process.

FY2012 CoC Program NOFA and Application Webcast

This webcast addresses the information from the FY2012 CoC Program NOFA as well as the various parts of both the CoC and Project applications, including the Project Priority Listings and CoC Planning project application.

FY2012 Budget: Implications for CoC Program Competition Webcast

This webcast addresses the numerous questions both Collaborative Applicants and Project Applicants have regarding the Final Pro-Rata Need being less 3.5 percent and how the Tier process works, with examples.


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Forms and Supporting Documents:

FY2013 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Funding Bill Appropriations Report

This excerpt, published in the document Appropriations Committee Approves the Fiscal Year 2013 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Funding Bill, discusses the Committee's concern about the renewal burden in the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program.

FY2012 Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW) Instructions and Training

Grant Inventory Worksheets are used to provide CoCs and Field Offices with information about CoC program grants eligible for renewal in the FY2012 competition. In addition to instructions for completing the worksheet, a training resource is available for CoCs - Completing the CoC Program Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW).

FY2012 CoC Names/Numbers, Geo Codes and Preliminary Pro Rata Need Amounts

HUD developed a FY2012 list of CoC names and numbers and has released a Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN) report, which contains CoC geographies and corresponding need amounts.

DUN and Bradstreet DUNS Number Guide

Most potential and existing U.S. Government Contractors, Grantees and Loan Recipients are required to obtain a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number for US Government registration purposes. The DUNS Number verifies the legal name, physical address and tradestyle (DBA) of each location and is the key to starting the CCR registration process. Refer to the following guide for more information:

Calculating Unmet Need for Homeless Individuals and Families

HUD has developed this guidance to assist CoCs in completing the unmet need calculation. However, communities may choose to continue using their own procedures to determine unmet need. The guidance introduces standardized formulas and procedures for calculating unmet need and identifies the data needed for the calculations. A document called "Worksheets for Calculating Unmet Need" is also available to assist with these calculations.

Guidance for Merging CoCs

CoCs sometimes consider consolidating, or merging, with another – or more than one other - CoC to achieve improved coordination of services, more efficient resource allocation, and regional planning to address homelessness. In recognition of these advantages, HUD adopted a policy for calculating Pro-Rata Need that ensures that CoCs will not lose funds by merging.

Fair Market Rent and Income Limits Lookup Mobile Application

This mobile application is intended for users to search Fair Market Rents and Income Limits by current location or by metropolitan area, county, zipcode and/or address.

FY2012 CoC Program Competition Detailed Instructions

These documents provide additional instruction to collaborative applicants and project applicants on how to complete the CoC Consolidated Application, formerly known as Exhibit 1, the CoC Project Priority Listing, and the Project Application, formerly known as Exhibit 2, in e-snaps.

FY2012 CoC Ranking Tool

This tool was developed by HUD to help Collaborative Applicants rank projects and to use when working with the Project Priority Listings.

CoC Program Guidance:

To view the CoC Program interim rule and access CoC Program tools and resources, select the link below.